iPhone or iPod? The question remains...

Dual posting for today! Just because I needed money to get on by. I of the reason, The Beatles album are not available at iTunes already. Now I'm addicted to get an iPhone or iPod. With money becoming more scarce to earn since the man(s) in charge of our land decide to kill us all with higher fuel price, I think I only can get an iPod.

My brother already got his iPhone 4. The game are so addictive but I only envious because the music player that he have. He can store like 1000+ songs in it, but not like my old 6233 Nokia, only about 100+ (less one zero there). Not to mention the Iphone accessories that he have.

Well, we needed money not for this thing anyway. We need it to start an Foreign Exchange account just to get some extra income just in case I decide to become 100% used cloth seller.

Seems that our days are being counted already huh?

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