First ever swimming lesson!

I admit I don't know how to swim. Even though I sail, I know how to sail a small boat (470 Class boat, but I don't know how to swim. And today, I learn how to swim.

I have to nagged my brother in law, who happen to be a swimming coach at Likas Sport Center, for few month before he finally give me the time to give me the lesson. have to beg him, even kneeling on the floor, but using this ergonomic kneeling chair to support my fragile knee caps. :P

Well, last night I bought my first swimming trunk that cost a bomb! Plus today I bought my first proper swimming goggles also cost a bomb! But I know, the money that I spend will never replaced the knowledge of swimming.

Yet, today I learn how to breath properly while swimming, the proper leg kicking in the water and the proper hand technique.  Guess what, I barely can swim now hahaha...

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Anonymous said...

how deep is the pool in the Likas complex? are there a lot of people swimming there during weekend? im interested to go, but im pretty shy if there are many people u have to buy the entrance ticket in advance? is it a mix pool? i mean not specific to girls or boys only?
haha..many Q..eager to know..

LeeJB said...

Anon: Sorry for the late reply. Actually, from what I know, there are three pools there. But usually we only use the public pool that is located outdoor. The pool will have various depth, that one end will have deeper end (maybe about 7 feet) and the other end is just about knee deep. There would be a lot of people there but the lesson only start at 6 pm and end at 7 pm, around the time where all the public will leave. By the end of the lesson, usually we are the last group to leave the pool. It is a mix pool and you need to buy your own ticket that are priced RM5 each entry.

No need to be shy, because from my observation, not all know how to swim anyway. Accept for some. And my brother in law also teach few ladies too. No, I think ladies is his main student anyway. :D

Their age are from early 30'ies to early 20'ies. He is coaching the kids division for the Majlis Sukan Negara, Sabah.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing da info! :)

Anonymous said... i went to likas to swim. Unfortunately, i am not familiar with the depth.usually i swim in a pool with it is like 2 m..huhu...really creates sort of anxiety in, i wana ask, is ur coach teach individualy?im interested to learn other styles, since i can only swim breastroke..huhu... you mentioned that he only teach ladies is it? cuz im a, it'll be a bit uncomfortable for me to join..

LeeJB said...

Haha.. I did go that area (indoor) last Friday. The water is really cold.

My coach teach individually. Sometimes 2-3 person in one time. His rate is RM120 one session in one week for one month. If you want two session per week, he charge RM200. Cheaper this way. No lah, he also teach guys like us too. I'm only joking about teaching to ladies only.

Btw, he will teach four style (or is it three?). Got two of his student, a mother and her daughter, take 3 month lesson and now both of them already know all the style. In three month! My coach tease them last Friday during their last session, at first the daughter screaming asking for help at the first lesson. Now, she can go swimming (free style) half the Olympic size pool!

If you are interested, give me an email and I will give you the contact number. Email me at Do drop me a comment here so that I can check the email. I only give out my junk email since this is public. My personal email were filled with scammers when I published it here in the comment. Hope can see you soon!

Anonymous said...

hey..i had just sent u my email..thanks for ur i didnt know that there is an outdoor pool. i realize that there is one pool which is for kids. is that the one?huhuhu..anyway, yeah, hope can contact ur coach soon.. thanks ya..