Down with fever and flu

Fever comes and go. Flu sticky like hell. Voice change and people didn't recognized me when I talk through the phone. That is what happen to me for the past one week.

To be honest, last week, I went broke. Just as soon I got my pay check, something happen and money come flying. I think I need to take payday advance loan from my boss. Rest of the balance in the account are just enough to pay my insurance and my son. Stressed dude!

Anyway, for this week, a phone call came in and maybe would be a signal to a life changing meetings. In fact, today I will be meeting a stranger that would bring some good news. Hopefully.

I didn't give much hope anyway. But if the offer are right, maybe I will be seeing different view other than what I see everyday here, next year.

Wish me luck.

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Saturday Music Video - White Sandy Beaches

This songs can make my one year old boy put down everything and stand up watching this video until we turn it off. I think it is because I've played this song for him when he is a still born. Anyway, enjoy the song. May you all have a white sandy beach weekend...

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A parcel arrived today and it's not for me.

The parcel 'was' under my name but redirected to not other than my father. He bought an iPhone 4 from my brother. I'm so getting ipods next time seeing that parcel. Only when I do have the money.

I've decided today and every Saturday onwards, I'm gonna post a Saturday Song selection from me. Just to make little changes to this boring blog that I can foresee are now going to a slow death. Only me can make the difference.

Next post will be the first one. Just wanted to ask, what are other things that you think I should do? Post up picture of the week? Summary of my week days post? Tell me on the comment.

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Selling my Wii set

I'm selling my Nintendo Wii set since it is only lying around our room collecting I might need the money to buy an LCD TV that will cost me about RM1200 plus HDMI cables to connect to my laptop.

Gonna sell it for RM1600 (willing to give discount to those who are really interested) including all the accessory and games that I bought that cost more than RM300. Bear in mind that I bought it twice the price I'm selling last time and what more, it is a Japanese sets that are quite rare to get now. Below is the picture of the items.

Click the picture for bigger view

Just drop me a comment and I will get to you ASAP. Price will include postage or shipping anywhere in Malaysia. Will never deliver it to outside Malaysia because I've got fake transaction or delivery instruction few sales before. Blame it to the scammers !

Here is my link for the sales....

Used Nintendo Wii Japan Version with accessory

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Black Friday, how I wish they were here!

How I wish that there is Black Friday for us here in Malaysia. It is because it will be a great time to hunt things that I really wanted since 2008 until now but still never bother to get enough money to buy one. An 32" LCD TV.

Kinda pathetic since I can get a new reel for my fishing hobby, new pair of shoes (at discounted rate) but not for that TV. Hopefully, I can get one next year as I can see the trend that LCD TV are getting less expensive.

Now, as this Black Friday are nearing (so as Thanksgiving days are approaching) i can say it is about 32 days before Christmas. Didn't hope much for any present this year. Just hoping to get a better future. A different view at works maybe next year?

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Joy Does Life!

82.7 KG, my current weight. First weigh-in at 22 May 2010, I'm at 91 KG. My daily diet consist sweet drinks, soda and junk food. I ate 4-5 times a day. I consumed 3 plates of rice. Not to mention the red meats and all the oily fried food. I can barely walk from my house to the town of Tanjung Aru.

When I start my jogging ritual, I barely can run 10 minutes. Even my knee caps almost explode protesting my running. And I need best anti wrinkle cream to hide my hideous wrinkle caused by the fatty tissue under my face.

Who would have guess that I can run 4.5 KM under 30 minute and weighing 83.7KG today? Even took out swimming lesson just to get an active life. I've lost 70% interest of games nowadays.

So you still need motivation? Watch this guy who transform from a fat ass (I like to call him that) to a hunk guy. Remember, you must have a good motivation to look good. Go here -> Ben Does Life.

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iPhone or iPod? The question remains...

Dual posting for today! Just because I needed money to get on by. I of the reason, The Beatles album are not available at iTunes already. Now I'm addicted to get an iPhone or iPod. With money becoming more scarce to earn since the man(s) in charge of our land decide to kill us all with higher fuel price, I think I only can get an iPod.

My brother already got his iPhone 4. The game are so addictive but I only envious because the music player that he have. He can store like 1000+ songs in it, but not like my old 6233 Nokia, only about 100+ (less one zero there). Not to mention the Iphone accessories that he have.

Well, we needed money not for this thing anyway. We need it to start an Foreign Exchange account just to get some extra income just in case I decide to become 100% used cloth seller.

Seems that our days are being counted already huh?

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Sold our PSP and now our car engine need repair

Last weekend, we sold our Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) in attempt to get more space in our room and I can say a pathetic way to get money too. Reason we have to sell that PSP was because we rarely use it anymore and the things just lying around the room collecting dust.

Instead of wasting it and becoming a large paper weight, we decide to sell it. Sold it to a lucky chaps that knew how to bargain for only RM400 at Kepayan. Cheap like hell but, we need the money anyway.

And guess what? Soon after that, my car mechanic inform me that I need to change turbo parts in our car. We already fried it due to our negligence, so to speak. It will cost us around RM600 this time. That is more than what we get from the PSP. Change it or get cheap car insurance quote since the car will not get enough power to even go to Kundasang roads.

Now, I'm planning to sell my Japanese set of Nintendo Wii for RM1600 plus all the accessory that we have. Same reason to sell, the things almost becoming a large paper weight in our room.

Bye bye PSP, now you got a new place to serve. May you serve your new master well.

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Selamat Hari Raya Haji

One year ago, I imagine that I should have been up the steel floor than this cement floor around this time. But no, not again, I'm still stuck here. Stuck in the same hell hole.

Should I just go and find healthcare job? Or venturing out to a new things in my life? Can I accept the changes? Actually, I'm kinda giving up searching for my dream. Because, with all this bureaucracy, I'm 99% sure can't get the dream.

Well, just venting my stress out from this blog. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my muslim reader.

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Swimming lessons fee

Suppose to have another day of swimming today but just realizes that my coach mixed up his schedule and today lesson is canceled. So no swimming today.

For those who wanted to joined me (in the swimming lesson), the fee is Rm120 for 4 lesson a month, that is once a week lessons. And Rm200 for twice a week lesson for a month. Qualified trainer will conduct the lesson, if you want to know who will be the coach. I myself are just beginning to learn how to swim.

Basic things you might need to buy before starting is just a pair of swimwear, and a pair of swimming goggles. That will cost you about Rm100 and above for the swimwear (more for the ladies) and about Rm35-Rm50 or more for the goggles. Beside that, you will need a towel, (swimmer towel can cost you Rm60) and a small bags to store all the above items and also your fashion jewelry just in case you came from office direct to the swimming lesson.

As the time for the lesson, my schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 6pm to 7pm. And you will need to buy your own swimming pool tickets that cost Rm5. The venue will be at Likas Aquatic Center, Likas. Drop me a comment if you are interested. Because leaving the phone number here can make my coach life miserable.

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First ever swimming lesson!

I admit I don't know how to swim. Even though I sail, I know how to sail a small boat (470 Class boat, but I don't know how to swim. And today, I learn how to swim.

I have to nagged my brother in law, who happen to be a swimming coach at Likas Sport Center, for few month before he finally give me the time to give me the lesson. have to beg him, even kneeling on the floor, but using this ergonomic kneeling chair to support my fragile knee caps. :P

Well, last night I bought my first swimming trunk that cost a bomb! Plus today I bought my first proper swimming goggles also cost a bomb! But I know, the money that I spend will never replaced the knowledge of swimming.

Yet, today I learn how to breath properly while swimming, the proper leg kicking in the water and the proper hand technique.  Guess what, I barely can swim now hahaha...

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Planned to register, but the mail let me down

As you know, I'm registered with this paid to blog company for about 2 years now. It just happen that I wanted to register another blog with them and today, they are not longer wanted any blog hosted from blogger or blogspot.

That is what happen when you always procrastinate things that should have been done 4-5 month ago. Now they only wanted own hosted blog that can cost me like Rm300-Rm500 per year! Wait, that is less that you can get from them anyway! Maybe, it is time for me to own a hosted blog and try the exclusive wordpress that I've always said wanted to do, but wanted to save money.Can get you a fine matouk dude!

Well, time to seriously weigh the option!

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Undelivered promises

About three month ago, someone promised to her mother and the rest of the people to build the mother a room and a proper toilet and bathroom. And to add spices, he pledged Rm2000 for the project and will add more if the needs arise. Crooked more than the politician, we manage to collect and add more than what he pledged! And he only stand there, while we were working, smoking his ciggie and talking about his new axe, PRS that worth Rm2000!

Undelivered promises should be returned with a return address labels. Just like undelivered mail. But with a different twist. Full with sarcasm. Lots of it. I think he know why I said, I wanted to see the PRS and gonna bring it home. Only to be return when the project are fully paid by him.

Not a surprise since I know the whole history. Just a little setback. Major setback for our financial. As long as the mother in law sleeps better and cooks better, we don't have any problems.

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