Will it come true this year?

I woke up too early today. Fatigue since the rest of the son-in-laws trying to improve the mother-in-law house and a good run yesterday, I decided to sleep early last night.

And then soon after I sat down on the computer chair, my phone ringing with unidentified number. I really thought it was from Miri, but then, it came from the island. The lady on the other line ask me if I'm in the island right now, but I said, I'm here in the mainland. She replied, she will call me back next week to arrange for the meeting. After she hang up then the shock sank in. It was the call that I've waited!

To be honest, last week was our luckiest week, and today (hopefully next week too) also brings good news for us! Wish me luck because I need it.

Now, I can dream of getting a Sony VAIO for my communication device with my family IF the meeting is successful. WOOT! It still send shiver down my spine remembering the phone call.

Note: False hope and empty promises... Read my next post... 

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