Ignorance is bliss

Sometime it is hard to say the fact that might hurt someone feelings. Saying it out loud might trigger a fight that you want to avoid. But usually, being sarcastic works out better. Me being sarcastic is even worst than someone point it out on your head.

I know the person is referring to me. But the point is, that person like to twist the fact. You know the work need to be done, but why you don't just ask your partner to cancel the fishing trips and just help us? Is it your partner that wanted to go fishing badly or is it you actually? So is it really you account are being hacked and you lost all your money? How about the post that you said that someone actually found your handbag the other day and you got it back alright? Disappear just like that? And the story you trying to tell us are not consistent.

We already lost hope in acquiring or hoping for your help or even your presence. Even your presence now becoming an annoyance to us. Making me even more, frustrated. You grab you partner balls until he suffocate and couldn't joined his best friend activities. You like that huh?

I guess, ignorance is bliss. So ignoring you might be a bliss. Anyway, don't say that we never face the hardship that you are facing now. At least we try to help others in that hardship. Try to look at yourself, ever help anyone that ever helped you?

Well, I'm just voicing it out here because I'm frustrated with that person who take things for granted. Time to take hgh supplements. Wanna look younger when I died. Only the good die young.

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