I think I should just give that piece of paper.

Blown up today, for just a simple question. Should have just abandon the ship before they started to starved you to death. Today, the extra work that they ask you to do, they wanted you to do it free, but instead, my question makes them to come green monster and started to threaten you with all their stupid answer.

Come on, I have the experience, but you don't. You depends on me on decision making.  I do the things that you should have done. And now, you trying to bite me when you are sitting there and smile while we scoop up your shit that you made?

Gonna think wisely and started to weigh all the trouble. Got to prepare umbrella and rain boots before all of it happen. A kamik rain boots should be nicer with all the colorful design with it. Yeah, preparing that piece of paper shouldn't be hard.

I think I'm going bonkers tonight. By hook or by crook, somebody gonna get hurt. Haha... Damn...

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