False hope doesn't shatter my dream

Never know that I will face the same type of person at the other place. Sweet mouth, empty promises and degrading you at the same time. My first impression was, wow this guy is cool! Then less than 8 hour I began to despise him.

Despise him because I took all the trouble to be there, wasted my time and money to hear him degrading me and offered me lower than what he told me on the phone. Well, you will know something is not right if the most senior in that particular place is just one year and half senior than everybody else. And the one he introduce you as the leader soon-to-be is actually will resign in due time. That is the time when the BIG question mark sink in my half boiled brain.

Serve this as my lesson. But I didn't regret being there as it was a new experience, way beyond my dream. And meeting few new friends that can crack you head as well.

Well, I can get a personalized baseball bats to commemorate my journey there. And use that to bashed that squinty eyes of sweet-empty-promise little head. Haha, just kidding.

p/s: I brought back my uniform since I work for him free for one day. Serve that as my salary even though he asked me to return it back. :P

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