Cleaning up time...

Tired and lack of sleep make my dizzy and weak. The three week 'obligation-as-son-in-laws' work almost done. But we know we will be proud of it forever. Any comments or critics that will come later on will be ignored because our mission and vision are not for them. Just for the mother-in-law.

It was tiring, there are lots of patch up works to do. Cementing floor, cleaning up the yards, building the chicken coop, relocate the bathroom and so on. Cementing the floor are the hardest one since we have to do it manually. We are lucky since all the son-in-law (not all, it's four of us) mixing the cement. Kinda replacement for all the workout that we should have been. If not, we have to turn to Lipofuze as our fat burner. Maybe, combining it with the hard work we do can accelerate our slimming program.

Now the work almost done, we can get our normal life back. Now, I know all the character of my other in-law, one are being control by queen control, one are egoistic, one just follow the command, and the best of it,  one are born to be the leader. But only one really disappointing, giving promises that he can't even keep.Promise this promise that, then when the time comes, he just give a silent stare to us. Not our problem, just let his mum ask about it (the promise) later :P

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