I think I should just give that piece of paper.

Blown up today, for just a simple question. Should have just abandon the ship before they started to starved you to death. Today, the extra work that they ask you to do, they wanted you to do it free, but instead, my question makes them to come green monster and started to threaten you with all their stupid answer.

Come on, I have the experience, but you don't. You depends on me on decision making.  I do the things that you should have done. And now, you trying to bite me when you are sitting there and smile while we scoop up your shit that you made?

Gonna think wisely and started to weigh all the trouble. Got to prepare umbrella and rain boots before all of it happen. A kamik rain boots should be nicer with all the colorful design with it. Yeah, preparing that piece of paper shouldn't be hard.

I think I'm going bonkers tonight. By hook or by crook, somebody gonna get hurt. Haha... Damn...

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Ignorance is bliss

Sometime it is hard to say the fact that might hurt someone feelings. Saying it out loud might trigger a fight that you want to avoid. But usually, being sarcastic works out better. Me being sarcastic is even worst than someone point it out on your head.

I know the person is referring to me. But the point is, that person like to twist the fact. You know the work need to be done, but why you don't just ask your partner to cancel the fishing trips and just help us? Is it your partner that wanted to go fishing badly or is it you actually? So is it really you account are being hacked and you lost all your money? How about the post that you said that someone actually found your handbag the other day and you got it back alright? Disappear just like that? And the story you trying to tell us are not consistent.

We already lost hope in acquiring or hoping for your help or even your presence. Even your presence now becoming an annoyance to us. Making me even more, frustrated. You grab you partner balls until he suffocate and couldn't joined his best friend activities. You like that huh?

I guess, ignorance is bliss. So ignoring you might be a bliss. Anyway, don't say that we never face the hardship that you are facing now. At least we try to help others in that hardship. Try to look at yourself, ever help anyone that ever helped you?

Well, I'm just voicing it out here because I'm frustrated with that person who take things for granted. Time to take hgh supplements. Wanna look younger when I died. Only the good die young.

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Crazy dude with many emails

Was suppose to do another post for today but suddenly I realize that I forgot my Adsense account login. A shock that can link human growth hormone side effects and make my hair thinner that it should be. And I'm not tall actually.

But luckily, as I'm typing my problem to their forum, the login name flashed in my head and realized that it was the same name but different '@ dotcom' behind. Almost giving me heart attack.

This is the price that I have to pay since having more than eight email addresses for different purpose. It's a mess when I need to come up with the password. My banking password, email password, et cetera et cetera....

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Gain weight plus improved mileage...

I've gain weight without using weight gain supplements. Why? Because I skipped many many many weight lifting days and only keep on running in 10 days lapse. Ironically, I've improved my running length and currently I can run 4.3km in 30 minutes. 0.7km less than I targeted.

I'm still searching for a partner that can join me to run outdoor. Or rather someone drag me to rock climbing because I heard it was fun. Well, I haven't got the opportunity yet. Maybe someone will later.

Was thinking to buy a bike so that I can go biking again. Financial constraint making it impossible. Next time maybe...

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Cleaning up time...

Tired and lack of sleep make my dizzy and weak. The three week 'obligation-as-son-in-laws' work almost done. But we know we will be proud of it forever. Any comments or critics that will come later on will be ignored because our mission and vision are not for them. Just for the mother-in-law.

It was tiring, there are lots of patch up works to do. Cementing floor, cleaning up the yards, building the chicken coop, relocate the bathroom and so on. Cementing the floor are the hardest one since we have to do it manually. We are lucky since all the son-in-law (not all, it's four of us) mixing the cement. Kinda replacement for all the workout that we should have been. If not, we have to turn to Lipofuze as our fat burner. Maybe, combining it with the hard work we do can accelerate our slimming program.

Now the work almost done, we can get our normal life back. Now, I know all the character of my other in-law, one are being control by queen control, one are egoistic, one just follow the command, and the best of it,  one are born to be the leader. But only one really disappointing, giving promises that he can't even keep.Promise this promise that, then when the time comes, he just give a silent stare to us. Not our problem, just let his mum ask about it (the promise) later :P

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False hope doesn't shatter my dream

Never know that I will face the same type of person at the other place. Sweet mouth, empty promises and degrading you at the same time. My first impression was, wow this guy is cool! Then less than 8 hour I began to despise him.

Despise him because I took all the trouble to be there, wasted my time and money to hear him degrading me and offered me lower than what he told me on the phone. Well, you will know something is not right if the most senior in that particular place is just one year and half senior than everybody else. And the one he introduce you as the leader soon-to-be is actually will resign in due time. That is the time when the BIG question mark sink in my half boiled brain.

Serve this as my lesson. But I didn't regret being there as it was a new experience, way beyond my dream. And meeting few new friends that can crack you head as well.

Well, I can get a personalized baseball bats to commemorate my journey there. And use that to bashed that squinty eyes of sweet-empty-promise little head. Haha, just kidding.

p/s: I brought back my uniform since I work for him free for one day. Serve that as my salary even though he asked me to return it back. :P

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Will it come true this year?

I woke up too early today. Fatigue since the rest of the son-in-laws trying to improve the mother-in-law house and a good run yesterday, I decided to sleep early last night.

And then soon after I sat down on the computer chair, my phone ringing with unidentified number. I really thought it was from Miri, but then, it came from the island. The lady on the other line ask me if I'm in the island right now, but I said, I'm here in the mainland. She replied, she will call me back next week to arrange for the meeting. After she hang up then the shock sank in. It was the call that I've waited!

To be honest, last week was our luckiest week, and today (hopefully next week too) also brings good news for us! Wish me luck because I need it.

Now, I can dream of getting a Sony VAIO for my communication device with my family IF the meeting is successful. WOOT! It still send shiver down my spine remembering the phone call.

Note: False hope and empty promises... Read my next post... 

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Speeding up my weight loss

I think I need weight loss product to speed up my weight loss program. But, wouldn't it be expensive? Working out alone can be pretty much boring. Imagine running on the treadmill alone.

I'm still looking for a running partner because my brother are not too keen on running with me since we like to give each others the middle finger sign when we are running. Competing who will be the last one to reach the finishing line or who can carry the heaviest dumbbell. Even my other friends like to run at different timing from me.

Stressed out for nothing. Back to work...

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Truly gained 1 KG

I've monitoring my weight in this one whole week and I found out I've gained about 1 kilo. It must be because the beer that I consumed while ignoring my daily workout. Blame it to the family gathering.

And while at it, my appetite must have been more than normal because of the lack of exercise. Should I buy the appetite suppressant to curb my eating binge? Maybe no.

So, no more skipping exercise, Joy. You need to get on 78 KG by Nov 2010. Remember the magazine that make you awe just now? From 98KG to 78KG in THREE month! You have been working out the flab in four month and you only manage to get rid of 7 KG. Come on... YOU CAN DO IT!

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