There is life outside internet.

Been disconnected from the internet for nine days and I feel really good. Something happen at home and everyone need to gather and help each other. Reason, my beloved uncle passed away.

Then everyone here, gather around, trying to keep in touch with each other. Despite some of misunderstanding, we ignore it for a while. Playing cards till late night, that requires me to get wrinkle eye cream trying to heal my bagged eyes. It got wrinkle a while, you see...And tons of beer too.

Well, we kinda celebrating his life. Doing what he like to do when he is still alive, listening to music that he loves to listen and even reminiscing everything he like to do. My cousin even remember that that uncle is the one who give his name when his own dad scramble to named him. Named my cousin Beardsley, after Peter Beardsley.

Few lesson that I learn there. Don't try to steal money from unfortunate people. Don't try to hit people when you are caught red handed stealing especially people with disability. Don't try to hurt elder people especially when the person you are trying to get revenge is your own family leader. You might ended be an outcast from the family.

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