Keep walking...

Been busy lately with another small scale business. Since we have plenty of time to kill and no money to enjoy, we think it would be a good time to make some money.

These ideas are from my colleague, he started it 2 month ago while I just sitting on my cubicle watching him getting extra income. Until one day he said, it is hard for him to get things to sell, that is the time I jump in. So we decided to join venture and use all our hard earn money (even using our emergency money) to get our supply.

We finally get a contact (supplier for the items) after begging to those who are in this business too. Yes, they really stingy in sharing information. Then money worth RM1300 and 100KG of supply changing hands.

Then we proceed to open up the packaging under a small light bulb at my colleague's house. We wish he had a small green park with beautiful landscape with bright landscape lighting because we barely see the things in our hands.

Nevertheless, today, after one week getting the supply, we already cover up half of our investment. Hopefully, this will be a good starter for us.

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