Joyblee weight loss tips

This is my personal fast weight loss tips. Some may say I'm wrong but this is what I practice and religiously do.

  • Try to avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol makes you fat. Drinking even one glass of beer worth two day of workout. Drinking is fun, workout is pain. Just be moderate drinker. That would be fine.
  • Eat eggs everyday. BUT AVOID THE YOLK. Try making a omelet using three eggs but only keep one yolk, chuck out the other two. Mix it with mushroom or anything you like. Corn beef also nice but please, not everyday. Eggs = protein. Take it easy on the oil for frying. Go for olive oil or non-stick pan.

  • Eat fish twice or trice a week. Fish = eggs = protein. Not so much on fish though, mercury are rampant. You might end up being disable person. Fish soup are great.

  • Take it easy on your rice intake. Also on the noodles. Rice can slowly build up fat. One plate of rice equals to 3 spoon of sugar.

  • Avoid soda drinks. 100Plus also contains sugar. Plain water is way better. Best served cold with a twist of lemon. Moderate intake of soda doesn't kill you, but it can kill your weight records. 
 Remember, *food is the fuel of the body, not a source of happiness.

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