It's a new record!

I hardly believe that I can make it. 4km in 31 minutes. That is about 2.54 mile in 31 minute. Now, I know what is my weaknesses so in the future, I know how to motivate myself to run beyond my capabilities.

I do face back pain while pushing my body to the new limit, but I restrain myself into taking fast walk in one minute instead of regular 2 minute. And keep pushing myself to run in 5 to 3 minutes without stopping.

I don't know about this but I've read and heard that when you are slimmer and leaner, your chances getting a good job will shoot up. And when I do, I might get a good one and finally get enough money to try find overseas housing of my own. In fact, Buxton foreclosures will be a good start for me. Hmm... Gonna run again today. See if I can get rid this love handle before Christmas 2010.

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okayarms said...

All the best in your mission... I have a similar aim as well! ;D Buncit suda ni haaha.

LeeJB said...

Thanks. Bah, teruskan usaha berlari....