Bundle (used cloth) seller

Okay, this time another business. Small capital but if we can carry on, it's gonna be a good one. Currently, my friend and I are teaming up to sell used cloth from Japan and Korea at Giant Hypermall Building, Kolombong. Our stall located at the parking lot and we only operating on Sundays.

We sell, ladies cloth, mainly from Korea and T-Shirt from Japan, usually mixed with USA used cloth too. We still haven't yet get any info that we can get used hip hop clothing but we will try to work it out.

We already open up second batch of used cloth and selling it at RM8 a piece. Anyone interested, please visit us at the location above to view our items.

Actually, used cloth are more better in terms of quality than buying it from local boutique. For example, Quicksilver brand. I can guarantee you that every t-shirt from the boutique will be manufactured in China or Thailand. Used item usually will be source from USA or Japan thus, their quality will be far more better as the t-shirt will be manufactured in USA, Japan or Australia.

And what more, nobody will ever know that you are wearing used cloth, they only see the brand. And you are only using them at once a week basis or maybe once a month, so why waste your money for a brand new? I can show you that I'm wearing Prada t-shirt made in Italy, but you will never know that it was a used items. :D

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