Bought a new shoe for my car

Then soon after, it rains. "Good" timing I guess. But I'm RM655 poorer this month. Hopefully I can cover it back next month because I've been in the "broke" state since early this year.

Yesterday, I saw an accident at Lido-Penampang bypass traffic light. A pickup truck turned turtle and hit a tree. The car was badly damage at the front passenger side. I'm not sure if there any person sitting on that side because if there is, the person will never survived the impact. Reminds me to get acheap auto insurance quote just in case this will ever happen to me.

And today, someone at Selangor won the RM47.8m Jackpot. Lucky bugger. I'm poorer RM2 to him since I bought a lucky pick ticket last two week. Luck on his/her side I guess.

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