Answered prayer?

How many time have you ever try asking people at your FaceBook account asking if they are generous enough to give you some money, say like, to buy a running shoe, then someone reply to it with a happy answer?

That is what happen to me yesterday when I put up my status with this words, " wanna get new running shoe, but I'm broke. Anyone wanna donate me some money to top up my RM10 so that I can get it to Rm69.90?". This God sent angel 'like' my status and reply, "When do you need it?" Cool eh? Can't wait for him to get back on this 22 Sept.

Now, that someone can sponsor me a pair of running shoes, I need to get my tummy flat. Gonna try this lowe ab workouts. But I think it's better to do that sit up and crunch so that you know the sacrifice you made when you gawking the fatty food. Hmm... lamb chops....

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