Upgrade for the MIL

The plan was discussed since March this year. Everyone contribute their idea but as usual, No Action Talk Only.

This time, my brother-in-law will do in his own way while involving everyone in this plan. Currently, he is at out mother-in-law's house measuring everything and making sure everything will be in order. So this Sunday, after the used clothes sale, I will join them and for now I need to buy safety boots. This ugg boots surely look nice but this is not a suitable boots. Need the Phua Chu Kang type of yellow boots.

So hopefully, everything will be in order. So that we can enjoy our stay at her house.

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Bundle (used cloth) seller

Okay, this time another business. Small capital but if we can carry on, it's gonna be a good one. Currently, my friend and I are teaming up to sell used cloth from Japan and Korea at Giant Hypermall Building, Kolombong. Our stall located at the parking lot and we only operating on Sundays.

We sell, ladies cloth, mainly from Korea and T-Shirt from Japan, usually mixed with USA used cloth too. We still haven't yet get any info that we can get used hip hop clothing but we will try to work it out.

We already open up second batch of used cloth and selling it at RM8 a piece. Anyone interested, please visit us at the location above to view our items.

Actually, used cloth are more better in terms of quality than buying it from local boutique. For example, Quicksilver brand. I can guarantee you that every t-shirt from the boutique will be manufactured in China or Thailand. Used item usually will be source from USA or Japan thus, their quality will be far more better as the t-shirt will be manufactured in USA, Japan or Australia.

And what more, nobody will ever know that you are wearing used cloth, they only see the brand. And you are only using them at once a week basis or maybe once a month, so why waste your money for a brand new? I can show you that I'm wearing Prada t-shirt made in Italy, but you will never know that it was a used items. :D

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Bought a new shoe for my car

Then soon after, it rains. "Good" timing I guess. But I'm RM655 poorer this month. Hopefully I can cover it back next month because I've been in the "broke" state since early this year.

Yesterday, I saw an accident at Lido-Penampang bypass traffic light. A pickup truck turned turtle and hit a tree. The car was badly damage at the front passenger side. I'm not sure if there any person sitting on that side because if there is, the person will never survived the impact. Reminds me to get acheap auto insurance quote just in case this will ever happen to me.

And today, someone at Selangor won the RM47.8m Jackpot. Lucky bugger. I'm poorer RM2 to him since I bought a lucky pick ticket last two week. Luck on his/her side I guess.

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It's a new record!

I hardly believe that I can make it. 4km in 31 minutes. That is about 2.54 mile in 31 minute. Now, I know what is my weaknesses so in the future, I know how to motivate myself to run beyond my capabilities.

I do face back pain while pushing my body to the new limit, but I restrain myself into taking fast walk in one minute instead of regular 2 minute. And keep pushing myself to run in 5 to 3 minutes without stopping.

I don't know about this but I've read and heard that when you are slimmer and leaner, your chances getting a good job will shoot up. And when I do, I might get a good one and finally get enough money to try find overseas housing of my own. In fact, Buxton foreclosures will be a good start for me. Hmm... Gonna run again today. See if I can get rid this love handle before Christmas 2010.

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House Protection

*Edited post due to un-relevant to the notes.

Ever worry about your own home safety? Try installing hidden cameras at strategic area and get peace of mind without worrying someone sneaking into your house. No more sleepless night protecting your house.

What about your car? I'm sure that car is also our second big investment for our own life-make-simple property. Install a GPS Tracking into your vehicle and you will never be so panic when your car being stolen. It is because tracking your vehicle using GPS tracking unit is easier than relying the authority to locate them.

You will never regret getting them and even smile when the unfortunate events happen to you.

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Horsing around...

This is my current emotional status: Frustrated. This whole mumbo jumbo are getting up my nerve. No use describing it here because it can cause me an arm.

If what 'we' said in that discussion really works out, I can even dream getting a horse and buy myself a horse tack. But I only can think of that they are just horsing around with word but not action. Come on, why not ask everyone to come in and do their own job instead of relying to people who aren't suppose to do that?

Geez... With this situation, I don't think it will turn into normal again. Abandoning the ship will be the best option.

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Damn tired and gonna off to bed now

Screw Facebook. I rather bury my face in the pillow than facing the computers. There life outside them haha...

I just came back empty handed from a unfruitful fishing trip. A short trip but all of us were bored and stiff waiting for the fish to take our bait. Not even a single bite, I tell you.

Gonna take a few minutes to take this enzyte reviews then soon off to bed. Kinda interesting article actually IF you need them.

No, I'm not gonna take that for -you know what you thinking- tonight. I'm still strong without using them :P

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Outdoor or indoor? That is the question.

Now, as I'm writing, the rain has stopped. A small chances that it will rain again. But good weather for me to start running outdoor. Because running outdoor is best fat burner for men in my opinion.

But I still wanted to know on how do I keep track my distance when I do outdoor. Should I buy GPS gadget to tracking my distance? Big problem, no money.

Well, maybe I just stick on running on the treadmill. And now it's raining again.

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Joyblee weight loss tips

This is my personal fast weight loss tips. Some may say I'm wrong but this is what I practice and religiously do.

  • Try to avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol makes you fat. Drinking even one glass of beer worth two day of workout. Drinking is fun, workout is pain. Just be moderate drinker. That would be fine.
  • Eat eggs everyday. BUT AVOID THE YOLK. Try making a omelet using three eggs but only keep one yolk, chuck out the other two. Mix it with mushroom or anything you like. Corn beef also nice but please, not everyday. Eggs = protein. Take it easy on the oil for frying. Go for olive oil or non-stick pan.

  • Eat fish twice or trice a week. Fish = eggs = protein. Not so much on fish though, mercury are rampant. You might end up being disable person. Fish soup are great.

  • Take it easy on your rice intake. Also on the noodles. Rice can slowly build up fat. One plate of rice equals to 3 spoon of sugar.

  • Avoid soda drinks. 100Plus also contains sugar. Plain water is way better. Best served cold with a twist of lemon. Moderate intake of soda doesn't kill you, but it can kill your weight records. 
 Remember, *food is the fuel of the body, not a source of happiness.

* Taken from bendoeslife.tumblr.com

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Answered prayer?

How many time have you ever try asking people at your FaceBook account asking if they are generous enough to give you some money, say like, to buy a running shoe, then someone reply to it with a happy answer?

That is what happen to me yesterday when I put up my status with this words, " wanna get new running shoe, but I'm broke. Anyone wanna donate me some money to top up my RM10 so that I can get it to Rm69.90?". This God sent angel 'like' my status and reply, "When do you need it?" Cool eh? Can't wait for him to get back on this 22 Sept.

Now, that someone can sponsor me a pair of running shoes, I need to get my tummy flat. Gonna try this lowe ab workouts. But I think it's better to do that sit up and crunch so that you know the sacrifice you made when you gawking the fatty food. Hmm... lamb chops....

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Hitting a plateau

One question, how to lose weight super fast? Because I'm hitting a plateau. My weight doesn't goes up or down.

My conclusion, I'm eating too much but less exercise. It's like a bucket of water. I take out one bowl of water when I'm exercise and put back one bowl back when I eat. So, one minus one plus one equal to one. Back to square one.

This time, no more skipping daily running. Even I don't have time to lift weight, I'm determine to keep on running. Discipline is number one!

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There is life outside internet.

Been disconnected from the internet for nine days and I feel really good. Something happen at home and everyone need to gather and help each other. Reason, my beloved uncle passed away.

Then everyone here, gather around, trying to keep in touch with each other. Despite some of misunderstanding, we ignore it for a while. Playing cards till late night, that requires me to get wrinkle eye cream trying to heal my bagged eyes. It got wrinkle a while, you see...And tons of beer too.

Well, we kinda celebrating his life. Doing what he like to do when he is still alive, listening to music that he loves to listen and even reminiscing everything he like to do. My cousin even remember that that uncle is the one who give his name when his own dad scramble to named him. Named my cousin Beardsley, after Peter Beardsley.

Few lesson that I learn there. Don't try to steal money from unfortunate people. Don't try to hit people when you are caught red handed stealing especially people with disability. Don't try to hurt elder people especially when the person you are trying to get revenge is your own family leader. You might ended be an outcast from the family.

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Keep walking...

Been busy lately with another small scale business. Since we have plenty of time to kill and no money to enjoy, we think it would be a good time to make some money.

These ideas are from my colleague, he started it 2 month ago while I just sitting on my cubicle watching him getting extra income. Until one day he said, it is hard for him to get things to sell, that is the time I jump in. So we decided to join venture and use all our hard earn money (even using our emergency money) to get our supply.

We finally get a contact (supplier for the items) after begging to those who are in this business too. Yes, they really stingy in sharing information. Then money worth RM1300 and 100KG of supply changing hands.

Then we proceed to open up the packaging under a small light bulb at my colleague's house. We wish he had a small green park with beautiful landscape with bright landscape lighting because we barely see the things in our hands.

Nevertheless, today, after one week getting the supply, we already cover up half of our investment. Hopefully, this will be a good starter for us.

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