When I'm 82 kg...

When I'm get slimmer losing my weigh, many days from now, will you be kind and send me a new t-shirt, a new pair of jeans or a stocking of white.

Beat me since I've vandalized Paul McCartney songs "When I'm Sixty Four" to my very own version :D

I'm gonna promise myself when I'm reach that 82kg on that electronic body scale, I will get myself outdoor exercise maybe at Prince Philip Park (aka Tg Aru Beach) or at Tun Fuad Stephen Park, Bukit Padang, when the weather permitted. The last time I went there to jog was 5-6 years ago. By then, I still need medical assistance program just in case I fainted myself there and nobody care about me.

Kinda good to know when you can see the health condition improving. Maybe, it is the real cause I'm being jovial.

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