My downsize progress

I've started my slimming down program on 12 May 2010. At that time my weight is at 91kg and most of my 40 size jeans are really tight and my arms barely fits all the shirts that I have.

My ideal weight is around 75kg to 70kg, so I need to get rid of my fats around 15kg. I determine to get around 80kg in about 6 month. A fairly good expectation.

Today, I weigh about 86kg, that is 5kg less than 3 month ago. As I already learn from my online workout trainer, Scooby Werkstatt, it is a good indication that I'm on my track to achieve my goal. At least my fitness also improve along with the downsize.

Now, I eat smaller portion than previous one, usually I can down three plates of rice without even stopping. As now, if someone bring me to a steamboat dinner, it would be a great loss for them as I only eat little. Maybe it would be better to get alli to help me to weigh down faster.

How about you? Did you also in downsize process? What did you do?

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maslight said...

Waw, congrats, gewd progress. My routine is jogging everyday, started hiking on sunday, though fasting month started and I dun have time to exercise, gonna attempt to jog everyday before break fast. I started with 61kg, I'm now 53kg. And did that in 4 months. Well actually I lost around 7-8kg in 3 months. Process slowed down coz I'm at normal weight already. But I'm gonna work harder to reach my targeted weight. Let us ganbatte! ;)

Lorna said...

Hey, great job on your weight loss! Keep it up, and good luck.

LeeJB said...

Massy: But still, the sacrifice we made is really unbelievable. No burger anytime, no sodas, no Pringles, no supper, no ice cream and many more. But still we can be healthy kan...

Lorna: Thanks! I've read your blog recently. To be honest, I'm lost at words. Anyway, congratulation on the newborn. Yes, God always works in mysterious way for us. HIS planning is always the best. May God bless your family.

DANDEY said...

good job,keep it up!
i think it is good if you go to gym..
become more tagap ba haha..
good luck!

LeeJB said...

Dandey, mau juga pigi gym tapi jauh bah. Jadi sia beli tu barang2 kasi jadi gym di rumah hehehe.... Belum tagap lagi ni, masi gendut.