Huffing and puffing on the treadmill

I've skipped my workout for more than a week already. No, I just remembered I run 3.3km under 30 minute last Saturday. Silly me. My memory also was interrupted since my wisdom tooth gone. But I still need to give my body a good rest so that my gum will heal faster and I can eat well again. Let's say tomorrow I can give myself another light jogging.

After all, I lose one kilo of weight due to my small portion food intake during the healing process. Kinda a good start to get an affordable life insurance for seniors, when I get that senior title later. :P Will tell you about my down size process later.

I've just spend a few minute checking my running shoe and I can say it still can withstand my hard pounding at least for another 3 month. So I can save money for it then.

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