Darling, wanna go jogging together?

Whoopee... This is a tough one. Kinda embarrassing actually. Never cross in my mind that I wanted to blog it here but what can I do. Have to do it anyway. For money sake...

When I first met her, she was a tiny little lady. With a strong voice and independence mind. Weighing only 45KG. Skinny with a long hair. Never in my mind that she will grow chubbier and weigh more after following my appetite.

Now I made up my mind, she must also downsize along with me. I just can't imagine myself giving her a plus size lingerie for her next birthday. But it was the case, I shall never hesitate. Well, a happy couple always gain and lose size together, right?

My dear wife. Shall we go jogging together next time? :P

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When I'm 82 kg...

When I'm get slimmer losing my weigh, many days from now, will you be kind and send me a new t-shirt, a new pair of jeans or a stocking of white.

Beat me since I've vandalized Paul McCartney songs "When I'm Sixty Four" to my very own version :D

I'm gonna promise myself when I'm reach that 82kg on that electronic body scale, I will get myself outdoor exercise maybe at Prince Philip Park (aka Tg Aru Beach) or at Tun Fuad Stephen Park, Bukit Padang, when the weather permitted. The last time I went there to jog was 5-6 years ago. By then, I still need medical assistance program just in case I fainted myself there and nobody care about me.

Kinda good to know when you can see the health condition improving. Maybe, it is the real cause I'm being jovial.

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My downsize progress

I've started my slimming down program on 12 May 2010. At that time my weight is at 91kg and most of my 40 size jeans are really tight and my arms barely fits all the shirts that I have.

My ideal weight is around 75kg to 70kg, so I need to get rid of my fats around 15kg. I determine to get around 80kg in about 6 month. A fairly good expectation.

Today, I weigh about 86kg, that is 5kg less than 3 month ago. As I already learn from my online workout trainer, Scooby Werkstatt, it is a good indication that I'm on my track to achieve my goal. At least my fitness also improve along with the downsize.

Now, I eat smaller portion than previous one, usually I can down three plates of rice without even stopping. As now, if someone bring me to a steamboat dinner, it would be a great loss for them as I only eat little. Maybe it would be better to get alli to help me to weigh down faster.

How about you? Did you also in downsize process? What did you do?

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Huffing and puffing on the treadmill

I've skipped my workout for more than a week already. No, I just remembered I run 3.3km under 30 minute last Saturday. Silly me. My memory also was interrupted since my wisdom tooth gone. But I still need to give my body a good rest so that my gum will heal faster and I can eat well again. Let's say tomorrow I can give myself another light jogging.

After all, I lose one kilo of weight due to my small portion food intake during the healing process. Kinda a good start to get an affordable life insurance for seniors, when I get that senior title later. :P Will tell you about my down size process later.

I've just spend a few minute checking my running shoe and I can say it still can withstand my hard pounding at least for another 3 month. So I can save money for it then.

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Privo shoe

Ever heard about Privo? I never heard this brand of shoe. But then it is from Clark, a brand that usually you can found it from BATA shoe shop.

My running shoe already more than 3 years old. It is almost disintegrated due to the material that they use to make the shoe, apart that to make it light weight, I can only guess it was made by our own country.

I just don't get it why everything (well, almost all) made from this country tend to self destruct after 2 or 3 years of normal use. Business strategies? Repeat sales? Only they know why....

So I'm planning to get another running shoe maybe around RM 70 or top RM100 (about 30USD) and I prefer it is light weight, suits to the price.

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Jovial mood eh?

Here comes Ramadan Month for the Muslim. It is the month where the whole wide world Muslim will go fasting from the sun rise till the sun sets in. And truly, the parking never been so easier as this month because lots of Muslim coffee shop close during this Holy Month.

Well, not saying I'm in super jovial mood because of this, but I do feel something lighten up from my shoulder. Didn't really know what. Wait, what the hell am I talking about here? Haha... I think I just blow up one of my few remaining insane fuse there.

If you really sane, come visit Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina and get your insurance. I do know Ramadan Month is also a month will plenty of food to eat. So it is time to get one too. :D

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Goodbye wisdom tooth...

I just did it on 10 Aug 2010. Feels scared because traumatized with the past experience with government clinic but all is well. Except they make a big hole on my inner side of left cheek.

Given an MC and apply another MC again the next day because my cheek became swollen. There is no way I can face any customer in that condition. I just make full use of my off day (apart of bearing the pain) by entertaining my son. Ahh... also playing some games haha...

Wish that I have outdoor chaise lounges of my own. Kinda cool eh? Relaxing on the porch having some Mojitos.

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Venturing into Online trading?

Got this idea months ago but I don't know if someone gonna steal my idea from here. It's started from someone who were in Kuala Lumpur asking me to send him a local delicacies. He said that this things are hot items there among the Sabahan people.

So I'm thinking about sending over few bottles there and ask my friend to sell it among his friend. Then the idea evolve to opening an account at Mudah.my (similar to Craiglist) and post up my wares just in case someone who craving them to order it from me. Hmm... Sound good for me. Getting more moolah from it who know I might get more and able to buy a electric grills for my family.

Now time to find the local prices and the transportation cost. :P

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Getting more post for my other blog

I'm still thinking what to blog in my other blog site. So far I've only post up some YouTube material and nothing more than that. I was thinking about making desktop computer reviews. Apart of that, it should include laptop computer review since I also interested with this little things that make life easier.

PC Gaming reviews also should be a good idea for it. The only this is, I need more time to go through all of this ideas and compile it to be good articles. As a gamer myself (not hard core if you think about that), I always try out new game until all of them need more hardware requirement than what I have for the time being.

It's gonna be a hard task for me juggling my job and my blog though. Well, never say never.... :D

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I shall never give up

It's already more that one year since I've taken up all the necessary exam to be part of the fleet. So far, no good news that I ever heard from them. They still ask me to wait.

The person who promise me to get myself in with him already started since March this year. And I still didn't get any news from him since then. Did he lied? I'm not gonna answer that but I decided not to depends on him anymore.

More than fifteen envelope went to the island and neighboring state. More than 5 fleet I've ask for their opening, none respond yet.

The question is, when will I wear those protective clothing and gain more in my bank?

Only time will tell...

20 hours before facing the dentist.

Well, I'm feeling great right now so why should I meet them? What if the wisdom tooth acting weird again? Can I have another week off from job?

Well, this time I have to brave it. Even though my wisdom tooth are fine and dandy again, gonna make it disappear. Kinda lame have to endure all the pain during the night.

Tomorrow, if the dentist decided the tooth have to go, I'm gonna ask them to save it for me so I can hide it under my pillow and tooth fairy will give me some money to buy gold coins. :D

Funneh huh?

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Round midnight....

Have I told you that my life taking a 180 degree turn lately? Sean coming is a blessing for us but in reality, our life also has change. In terms of financial, it has becoming worst. Why, I tell you, earning less that Rm2000 really hit you real hard with ever increasing cost of living. Moaning about the Government that never really look into private company workers won't do anything. We have to live it.

I've done a simple calculation few days ago and to my surprise, I can't even save anything for emergency use. Pay check in, all out in two weeks. Dreaming about going to Royal Caribbean cruise? Nah, we can dream about it but never hope for it.

I do have this 'a house for the family before I turned 30' kind of dream but with this kind of life, I might not even can dream about it anymore. Unless, life take another 180 degree turn again. Kinda hoping for it around November or December this year. Or maybe a phone call will make it better. Well, hopefully....

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International language?

Funny that I think everyone should also have this in their own languages.

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