Workout mode on!

Gonna spend some serious time for my body work out now. Maybe I will try some apidexin this time. Only when I do know how to get them anyway.

Last night, I met someone whom I know went to the gym to get fit. That is about 1 year ago. But I found out that he is just a lazy bum who skipped triceps, abs and legs workout. Imagine a nice chest, shoulder but bulging abs, rather small triceps and big legs fat? It's hideous dude!

Since I already know the outcome when you try to skip those workout, I better not do that. I just don't want to be just like that guy. YUCK!

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maslight said...

ganbatte! Everyone seems to be on a health regime these days. My current routine is jogging everyday and badminton (last month every friday) since there's no badminton this month. I started on hiking kekeke. I lost 7kg in 3 months while my bro lost 11kg kekekeke XD