A small step for me, might be a giant change for us

I saw their office since last 3 years but never in my mind that I will ever set my footprint there. Until today, out of my desperation, I went there anyway. Arm with a filled envelope, I push their door bell and ask for the person in charge.

They are friendly, not like what I think before. I thought that they will bite me :D I ask them some question and surrender my envelope to them. They were surprise that I went to the training all by myself and the person who took my envelope said the training actually expensive and wonder how did I went there myself. I just said that I know I have to be initiative and to be a step ahead. I also tell them I didn't have any experience but they just assured me that I can learn it there.

Now, I just hope and pray that soon I will get a call. I just surrender it to God Almighty. No harm if I asked Jesus to intercede.

And hoping that I be in shape without using fat burning product. Bad substance for my body. Looking forward for my next cardio session.

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