Agonizing week with 6 years old wisdom tooth!

It started on Sunday. Soon after I woke up from my evening nap. The throbbing pain from my lower left jaws seems identical like the previous one. But this time, it won;t go away after 3 days. this time, the wisdom tooth came back and trying to rearing it's ugly head.

To make the story short, my jaws swollen and I need it to be extracted. But few visits to the local dentist really disappoint me. One telling me she gonna charge around RM400 to RM800, a price that I cannot afford for this enduring time, another one close his shop until tomorrow. And my old trusted Dentist said, he doesn't do it anymore due his age factor. He also tel me, last time, he do it for around RM400.

Well, it looks like I need to opt for Government Clinic. Now I'm in heavy does of pain killer and antibiotic medicine. Please don't miskaten it to be prenate vitamins with dha. That's only applicable to women who are pregnant. (Hmm... I still can see the left over prenate vitamins with dha that my wife use when she is pregnant. Wonder it still good for other people.)

So next Monday, I need to go for the Government clinic. I do have some bad experience with them. Giving me appointment with 12 month waiting. Cool huh? But Rm400 to Rm800, I can wait for 6 month more!

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