Agonizing week with 6 years old wisdom tooth!

It started on Sunday. Soon after I woke up from my evening nap. The throbbing pain from my lower left jaws seems identical like the previous one. But this time, it won;t go away after 3 days. this time, the wisdom tooth came back and trying to rearing it's ugly head.

To make the story short, my jaws swollen and I need it to be extracted. But few visits to the local dentist really disappoint me. One telling me she gonna charge around RM400 to RM800, a price that I cannot afford for this enduring time, another one close his shop until tomorrow. And my old trusted Dentist said, he doesn't do it anymore due his age factor. He also tel me, last time, he do it for around RM400.

Well, it looks like I need to opt for Government Clinic. Now I'm in heavy does of pain killer and antibiotic medicine. Please don't miskaten it to be prenate vitamins with dha. That's only applicable to women who are pregnant. (Hmm... I still can see the left over prenate vitamins with dha that my wife use when she is pregnant. Wonder it still good for other people.)

So next Monday, I need to go for the Government clinic. I do have some bad experience with them. Giving me appointment with 12 month waiting. Cool huh? But Rm400 to Rm800, I can wait for 6 month more!

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Workout mode on!

Gonna spend some serious time for my body work out now. Maybe I will try some apidexin this time. Only when I do know how to get them anyway.

Last night, I met someone whom I know went to the gym to get fit. That is about 1 year ago. But I found out that he is just a lazy bum who skipped triceps, abs and legs workout. Imagine a nice chest, shoulder but bulging abs, rather small triceps and big legs fat? It's hideous dude!

Since I already know the outcome when you try to skip those workout, I better not do that. I just don't want to be just like that guy. YUCK!

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The "Man" of World Cup 2010

Got you in this one! He probably sitting and puffing away Padron cigars if "He" is a real human. Just imagine how much those bookies lose from what it predicted.

Well, hats off to Spain. They play very well and in control for everything. Not like Holland, who like to blast away the opportunity for them self. Not even like Spain team who always passed around the ball trying to find any opportunity. And I hate to say this, Holland team clearly play dirty. I can see they inflicted very much injury to Spain player. I say, Spain, you deserve to get the glorious cup after all.

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A small step for me, might be a giant change for us

I saw their office since last 3 years but never in my mind that I will ever set my footprint there. Until today, out of my desperation, I went there anyway. Arm with a filled envelope, I push their door bell and ask for the person in charge.

They are friendly, not like what I think before. I thought that they will bite me :D I ask them some question and surrender my envelope to them. They were surprise that I went to the training all by myself and the person who took my envelope said the training actually expensive and wonder how did I went there myself. I just said that I know I have to be initiative and to be a step ahead. I also tell them I didn't have any experience but they just assured me that I can learn it there.

Now, I just hope and pray that soon I will get a call. I just surrender it to God Almighty. No harm if I asked Jesus to intercede.

And hoping that I be in shape without using fat burning product. Bad substance for my body. Looking forward for my next cardio session.

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Another day in paradise?

I've re-read my post and I found out I've posting lots of depressing post.

Depressed. Yes, I'm depressed since Sean came. Depressed that I know I need to upgrade my life to another because I need to think about my family. Sean gonna need good education when he is already 5 years old and gonna need lots of money after that. He gonna need a good environment while he grows up. Anne gonna need a support to raise Sean. And I need good financial to do that. And I'm depressed because I can't even buy a Robern Medicine cabinet. Even a simple one.

I have to be strong while facing this life turbulence. This blog has become my only way to venting my depression. So please, bear with me while I go emotional sometimes. Because today, I'm to depressed.

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Are there any silver lining at every cloud?

I answers all his question well but I don't think my position are stable. I already foresee this since last year but I guess I have to make another dream rather than chasing the one I'm chasing now. Kinda heartbroken right now. Unappreciated. Is that the right word? Forgotten? Gone all the credits that I already done there?

Well, I gonna be all out right now. No more chasing one particular dream only. Hope I can land on this one (related to the first dream). All of this things going on have giving me stress since last year. Might need blackheads treatment to clear all the unwanted ones.Well, wish me luck hunting these dreams....

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Spain and Holland in Final Mode

So, Paul the Octopus predict the right team. Enough causing heartache (include headache) to Germany team and their fans this morning. Spain score a real nice goal this morning and making Germany down to their knees.

Bad news for me, I already missed two day of my workout regime. One day because I'm tired and the other day because my obligation as a father and a husband (Sean need to be take care while wife washing the laundry :P). Well, I needed the rest since I'm afraid about human growth hormone side effects :D

So now, all are psyche up for the next match, as much as I do. Will stay up late just for the final match. So, which team you think will win?

I'm going for Orange/Holland/Netherlands/Dutchman!

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World Cup 2010 is (almost) coming to the end

It is funny though that people are interested looking at 22 people fighting for a ball. To date I only sees 3 matches in all. I guess it is a perfect time to sell those under eye cream for dark circles to hide the early morning match sleepy eyes.

Next match would be Uruguay vs Netherlands as I'm writing now. I predict that Netherlands will win in penalty shootout. Ever heard about Paul the Octopus? Now the tentacle guy predict that Germany will lose to Spain.

What ever the result may come, life still goes on right? As long that you didn't gamble your life saving away hehe...

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Wish you could turn back the time?

Sometimes, I do wish I could done that. I reality I feels like I already messed up my life so much that now I realize I've been wasting so much time chasing something that I could not get.

For instance, I should have been using all my time taking more course than sitting around and doing nothing. Instead of relying to some "person" and pretending that they will not collapse. I'm not blaming anybody but myself. Well, all is done now. Life must go on. If only I made my mind up 3 years ago, surely I already sitting at another place blogging another things rather than this self pity post. Heck, even disability insurance of mine would be paid by someone.

All that I can do now, is just keep on make a living with family.-sigh-

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