Weirdest dream ever...

Last night I had this weirdest dream ever. I dreamed that I went to 'that' place with a group of people just for sending up something and end up meeting up some old friend there. Funny though because in real life, they are not working in that hot, humid and isolated place. And their comment to me are not so nice because they ask me to get some experience first before trying to join with them. Kinda heart breaker though.

Then, when it is time for my group to leave that place, I asked the last inspector (who will take our pass card before boarding the boat) if can I stay another day in this place, he just nodded and wink and let me wander around the place without supervise.

Then another friend of mine suddenly appear but missed the boat. Just because he forgot to take the flight ticket from the office. But he quickly went to another landing zone to jump in at the last vessel that leave the place. So I went to a tour of my dream at that place on my own. I'm not sure why but I feel serene and calm throughout the ordeal. But the only things on my mind was, I need to find a phone booth to inform my wife and son that I will be there for another day.

Weird or just desperate? Only if I did brought a Canon camera with me that time, I surely uploaded it to my computer and probably, I will have some evident that I've been there.

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