I think I might go bonker with that dream

(A full summary for that dream)

Maybe, I think too much for it. And I can say, I'm desperate getting on it. Situation are not normal lately and I'm bored with this looping repeating chores everyday. I need challenges. Something challenge my mind and body. The place that I'm in now really losing their charms, not like I first joined them.

The way things running now really bogging me down. Bureaucracy being rampant in the organization. Now it is more like running the engine without topping up the engine oil and still asking you to rev it up. If you get what I mean. And what more, the attitude are just not right, right now.

With God will, maybe, sooner or later something will change. A phone call might make a difference between some loose diamonds for my wife or the same looping, repeating chores everyday.

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