Rain the other day, then the next it is sunny day...

And we still need rain boots just in case it going to flood soon. Heavy rain , I tell you!

At home right now which means I didn't go to work because my wife down with fever and no body can take care of my son. So literally, I'm babysitting my son. For now, I'm preparing this computer (the one I'm using right now) for a major re-format. Being plague with numerous errors and non-performing software, I need to re-format it. As now, back up sequence is on progress.

I should have been doing this two month ago but I rarely at home at weekend or even holidays. So, it's kinda blessing in disguise being force to take leave today. Hopefully my wife will recover quickly, if not then another leave will be taken.

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I think I might go bonker with that dream

(A full summary for that dream)

Maybe, I think too much for it. And I can say, I'm desperate getting on it. Situation are not normal lately and I'm bored with this looping repeating chores everyday. I need challenges. Something challenge my mind and body. The place that I'm in now really losing their charms, not like I first joined them.

The way things running now really bogging me down. Bureaucracy being rampant in the organization. Now it is more like running the engine without topping up the engine oil and still asking you to rev it up. If you get what I mean. And what more, the attitude are just not right, right now.

With God will, maybe, sooner or later something will change. A phone call might make a difference between some loose diamonds for my wife or the same looping, repeating chores everyday.

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Weirdest dream ever...

Last night I had this weirdest dream ever. I dreamed that I went to 'that' place with a group of people just for sending up something and end up meeting up some old friend there. Funny though because in real life, they are not working in that hot, humid and isolated place. And their comment to me are not so nice because they ask me to get some experience first before trying to join with them. Kinda heart breaker though.

Then, when it is time for my group to leave that place, I asked the last inspector (who will take our pass card before boarding the boat) if can I stay another day in this place, he just nodded and wink and let me wander around the place without supervise.

Then another friend of mine suddenly appear but missed the boat. Just because he forgot to take the flight ticket from the office. But he quickly went to another landing zone to jump in at the last vessel that leave the place. So I went to a tour of my dream at that place on my own. I'm not sure why but I feel serene and calm throughout the ordeal. But the only things on my mind was, I need to find a phone booth to inform my wife and son that I will be there for another day.

Weird or just desperate? Only if I did brought a Canon camera with me that time, I surely uploaded it to my computer and probably, I will have some evident that I've been there.

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Raining all day in Kota Kinabalu

I'm grateful because the heat gone. No more sweating while sleeping. And I can workout (in my house) with ease. Gone are the urge to buy generic Phentermine to suffer my own body.

But the down side is, my fishing activity has been reduce considerably. Even my fishing mate also complaining. And he is the boat owner (that will be a bad news for us) that we always follow to go fishing at our nearest island.

Now, my customer asking me to go to his house to look for his water purifier. And I know his place is prone to flash flood. Just last 10 minutes ago, rain came down really heavy. Wondering if I can go through or just cancel it for the sake of my own car.Well, better be going now!

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Slow and steady for me

You may notice that I'm started back my workout again. This time I'm gonna take it slow and steady. I prefer more perfect workout rather than how much I can do it in fast mode. And it won't be a quick weight loss for anyone.

To be honest, my biceps, triceps, chest are more developed in 4 weeks using Scooby Workshop Intermediate method rather than what I'm doing last year. Only my abs and back will take time to burn all the stubborn fat that I accumulate for 10 years! I've already making jogging and cycling as my daily routine, only to skip if I'm really tired or not at my house.

Well now it is time for me to sleep. See you all people!

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Fast and furious

I'm gonna make this short as possible as I can do. Because I'm tired and I just remember that I must do this diet pill reviews before retiring to bed.

As I'm making some progress on my workout, actually I didn't do any diet program. Because I think I only need to control the quantity of the food that I eat instead of what kind of food I should eat. Quantity versus type of food. Just like olden days, when people cannot afford very good food, but they sweat enough to make them fit.

And what more, we are born to taste everything that nice, not to avoid them, right? A reminder for myself, small quantity will never harm me.

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Free bird...

Every time I listen to that song, I always envision myself as a free person who travel anywhere in this world without any whatsoever problem. Be it financially or time, anywhere in this world.

I know it is impossible but we all got the right to have a dream. Yet my dream still linger on. Didn't have any news about it yet. Giving me stress that I opted to get electronic cigarette instead of the real one. May God bless me and my family and give us blessing and change our life.

Until then, enjoy this video Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Last post for today

It's all about hair loss prevention. Currently my hair still intact. But I don't know if I might need it next time.

But now I really need haircut badly. Because it's starting to bother me. Sweaty and uncomfortable. Especially while I'm doing my workout. Longer hair means more shampoo needed. More shampoo means more money. Better cut before it become a hassle for me :D

And actually, I'm not in good mood now. So be it...

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Come June 2010...

And this month it is time for me to service my car. The most poorest month for me after all the spending (collection money to celebrate my wife family relative who came to Sabah for Harvest Festival) and even I couldn't afford to get auto insurance quote. Poor me...

Now we have to tighten our stomach for the coming month. Maggie Mee will be our choice for this month on. Well, it was a well spent money because they rarely have the time to come here. Don't worry, Sean milk supply already been taken care off. Hope he will remember our sacrifice for him.

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Entering second month

I've restarted back my gym regime last month and this month will be my second month. So far I've only missed 3 days due to the festival and holidays. This time I hope I will never have to swallow any cholesterol supplements as I do my cardio exercise everyday now.

So far, I already feel the difference even after two weeks of exercising. Only my sleeping pattern still the same due to Sean Taro late night milk time. But I feel invigorate and fresh longer than before this. Well, this is good for me because I need to entertain two people that I love most.

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A fail attempt

Last week, my nephew told me there is a scanning software out there that can scan and try to retrieve deleted or formatted files. In an instant, I remember the one precious file that has been accidentally deleted by me that I know will never be retrieved anymore. Well, no harm trying even though I already used the memory card for about 6 month after the incident.

So last night I tried it AGAIN, just for the sake of trying. After 15 minutes of scanning, there is nothing can be retrieved at all. Now I know Nokia really destroy all the data when you ask them to format the memory card. -sigh-

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Come month of June 2010

My weekend was a blast! Enjoying my holidays with the family on my wife side. The good news, everyone enjoy. The bad news, I'm almost broke. Not even modern furniture can be bought by me.

I discovered that Huat Ming at Karamunsing sell this Sony 32" LCD TV for only Rm1399! But again, I rather use the money to funds my dreams. Besides, it is the old model. And the latest LED TV are surprisingly good! -sigh- Well, time will tell...

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