These days, the time pass me by very slowly...

My first update on a sinful hour. :D I'm not going to state why I called it sinful hour. But if you are in my shoe, probably you will know why.

As I'm typing away this update, currently I'm a bit disappointing with my current situation. Nothing to do and kinda hopeless. It is my qualification very low compared with others or is it because the economy aren't so good these days? I don't blame the economy but I really didn't understand Malaysian attitude towards low qualification people. Do we really need big "cable" (inside people) to get one?

I read one article about this and the writer said, he trust more to low qualification people than those who have Diploma or Degree as they only qualify on the paper not on the work. They are more tend to be slacking than low qualify person that tend to work harder to gain more.

This things has been happening in a big scales in Malaysia. I think, even I go to the island and knocking on their door, I might be shown back the exit door when their see my paper. "No vacancy".

But hopefully, my bait that I've cast with some help from a kind lady can make changes. Even if I have to cross South China Sea, I just gamble my life.

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