Next mission : RM1500 (USD500)

I'm suppose to get it before 19th May, but somehow, I could not. All money that I've earn need to pay the bills, food and fuels. Even I can spare some, it would not be enough. That money would fund me for another trip that could change my life. A trip that can equip me with a single paper that qualify me to go beyond the sea. A trip can even a hot tub cover can be obtain easily for me.

Alas, I have to stay put. And try to save for future use. Targeting to go there next month if not, on month of July. Dream have to stay for a while.

This time, I gonna ask for some sympathy from you my reader. Donate me spare change so that I could reach for my dream. Leave me a message or donate me through PayPal. If you do sympathy me.

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