It's only 20th of May

And my money are running low...

Have to wait another 4 days to get another pay check to resume life. Not going to buy any lingerie for wifey this month. We are running on a very tight budget.

I considered my life now quite boring (except Sean, our joy of our life!). Too mundane for me. Wake up, office, home, exercise, sleep, wake up.... In repeat cycle waiting for next pay check. Never in my life that I would have been in this situation. Well, I think better than didn't have any job.

For now, I just "cast over my bait" and wait for the "big fish" to get them while collecting money to attend the course. Hmm... Rm1500... Enough to get me an LCD TV.

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I want to be billionaire so freaking bad....

A lady asked me to download this song for her. At first I was reluctant but when I heard it for the first time on YouTube, I was hooked with it!

If I really became a billionaire, not only Ferrari parts will be things in the tap of my fingers, I will go round the world and give charity! Go fishing like there is no tomorrow. Heck, I don't even have to struggle to chase my dream!

Well, it just a dream. Who knows I will be one day. I will give out guitars to kids who are not fortune enough to buy one... And a bucket or two beer for you too...

Enjoy this songs while it still available on YouTube!

p/s: Look at the smirk at Travie McCoy at the end of the video... Haha! Priceless...

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I say No to coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu

Coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu, Sabah for Sabahan? I say NO to them because it will not be benefiting to Sabahan, only for them (you know who I mean!). More over the environmental impact report will be so bias and as we all know, they will be ask to do examination on the other site rather than the actual proposed site. In other words, corrupt reports.

We should ask them to go for bpi training because I say, they are not qualify. Please don't ruin my land before my son do have the opportunity to enjoy diving there. Even I never went there!

Hell... please fix the grid now!

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Back again on the treadmill

I felt bogged down since I stopped my gym session two month before my son arrived. My fat accumulating and my energy drained carrying extra pound of it. I'm not going to resort to weight loss drinks but I'm determine to do it at my very own house.

I've found a site that teaches me how to workout with very simple items and eliminate the use of heavy bulky equipment. It is Scooby Home Workout. Now I know that I can easily tone down my body and gain some muscle along the way. It's free and it only requires you to buy (well you still need to buy some) simple equipment. And now I know why I can't get slimmed down the way it should have be. Because I do it the wrong way. :P

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Hot weather with thunderstorm

I kid you not because yesterday, after I take my bath, my sweat still dripping from my fore head 2 minutes after I wipe my body dry! Is this spell for extreme weather next couple of years? My acne suddenly popping out that even best acne treatments can't really helps.

Luckily this afternoon rain drop the temperature down a bit and I can have my rest without sweating all over.

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Next mission : RM1500 (USD500)

I'm suppose to get it before 19th May, but somehow, I could not. All money that I've earn need to pay the bills, food and fuels. Even I can spare some, it would not be enough. That money would fund me for another trip that could change my life. A trip that can equip me with a single paper that qualify me to go beyond the sea. A trip can even a hot tub cover can be obtain easily for me.

Alas, I have to stay put. And try to save for future use. Targeting to go there next month if not, on month of July. Dream have to stay for a while.

This time, I gonna ask for some sympathy from you my reader. Donate me spare change so that I could reach for my dream. Leave me a message or donate me through PayPal. If you do sympathy me.

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These days, the time pass me by very slowly...

My first update on a sinful hour. :D I'm not going to state why I called it sinful hour. But if you are in my shoe, probably you will know why.

As I'm typing away this update, currently I'm a bit disappointing with my current situation. Nothing to do and kinda hopeless. It is my qualification very low compared with others or is it because the economy aren't so good these days? I don't blame the economy but I really didn't understand Malaysian attitude towards low qualification people. Do we really need big "cable" (inside people) to get one?

I read one article about this and the writer said, he trust more to low qualification people than those who have Diploma or Degree as they only qualify on the paper not on the work. They are more tend to be slacking than low qualify person that tend to work harder to gain more.

This things has been happening in a big scales in Malaysia. I think, even I go to the island and knocking on their door, I might be shown back the exit door when their see my paper. "No vacancy".

But hopefully, my bait that I've cast with some help from a kind lady can make changes. Even if I have to cross South China Sea, I just gamble my life.

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