Where to get good ukulele in Malaysia

*Extra links below for those who seeking place to buy Ukes in East and West Malaysia.

I found that there are some people were lead to my link when they search "where to get Ukulele in Malaysia". I know there is no information for that because I already tried to search it and disappointed with the result. Anyway this is the answer... None!

As I lived in Sabah, I already tried to find all over Kota Kinabalu music shop/center and tried to ask my friend to find one for me in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, you only can find cheap China Made ukulele. Price wise, very cheap. Quality wise, not good. There is some shop that sell good quality ukulele but again, it is very expensive. Quality, okay, Price wise, too expensive for that particular brand.

Why buy good quality? Buying musical instrument is like investing. When you invest your money to a good quality music instrument, it will be a life long enjoyment. Provided that you care for that instrument. But buying an overprice instrument also can be a burden.

Buying a cheap ukulele also have another downside. Sometimes, the fret board are not accurate, making any beginner frustrated because the sound that the ukulele produce are not accurate and this will hamper any further learning improvement.

Unless you really want and willing to buy, I recommend Ukulele Movement, the first and only music shop specializing in ukuleles, in Singapore. I know it is too far away from Sabah, but the service that they gave are the finest one that I ever get compare to my local music shop.

I bought my first ukulele from them last December 2009 through email. Their reply are good and fast. They even recommend you based on your budget. You can make your payment through Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. I'm not sure if they accept Maybank money transfer but you can always try to ask them.

I bought one for our first born, Sean Taro, Christmas present. That is when he only 1 month old. Now, almost 6 month, he already show interest to ukulele when I strum it and first thing when he woke up, he will reach the ukulele first and try to strum (yes 5 month and can strum with his fingers) the ukulele that we put in his cot along with his diapers and cloths. He even show interest when I play White Sandy Beach, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole.

Be prepared to spend about RM300 for a decent ukulele. And that will include postage around Malaysia. I recommend you Makala Soprano ukulele. It is good for beginner. Apart of it, it can be a good addition for your music instrument collection like me.

So for those who wanted to buy one, try contact them. For those who already have one, have fun.

Update * Now you can get Ukulele in Malaysia!
 Another update * Where you can get UKULELE in SABAH!

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david ooi said...

hi ...

recently i just bought my first uke (makala soprano)from local online store called - manuel ukulele. i think they are new in malaysia.

But they are good in serving customer & friendly. You can ask any question you have. The price is negotiable. I bought my Makala soprano about rm145++

check it out their site.

Hope this info useful...

LeeJB said...

Thanks David for your information. Maybe they are still new and I can't search their website last December.

Anyway, that is a good information for me.

XKi said...

i need 1, and im from ipoh, currently studying in Melaka .. RM145 for makala soprano is good i think .. ;)

LeeJB said...

As long as the sound are god, that should be okay. Have a good time with your ukulele. It will be a good companion for all occasions. :P

Iyuk said...

Hello. I am in kk and interested in getting a decent one. I found a china made burswood ukulele for rm50 but I read the reviews on the net and it wasn't any good news. I'd like to find a good for beginners ukulele but I'm not too keen on buying it online

LeeJB said...

Iyuk: Unfortunately, there is no other way to get any decent Ukelele here in KK. But for Rm50, it hould be a good bargain for you since you are just starting. Unless you are collectors like me, resorting to online purchase would be a good investment for you. did you found it at Hollywood Music Center, Karamunsing?

Arbedo said...

Hi. I actually found it in Chua Kah Seng. hehehe. I will try look at Hollywood music. Do you think they sell uke strings there? Where do you get yours if you need to replace it?

LeeJB said...

Arbedo : A nice and decent string replacement can be found at Hollywood. Around Rm25-28. Ukelele strings can last for a long time, not like guitar strings. If I do have to get one, I will try to order it from Manuel Ukulele. No harm trying to order from Malaysian store. Only one that I would like to comment, Manuel Ukulele store website need to be redone. The loading time are very long and I can't seem to see any ukulele model there. No selection at all. Hopefully they will aware about this and fix it soon so that I can start to recommend them to my other friends.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi ukulele fans, you may find various ukulele brands at KL now. Kindly refer to www.theguitarstore.com.my or contact 03-9133 2822 (HQ-Cheras) for more details.

Patrick said...

I was new to ukulele and I wanna get myself a gd ukulele..other than Makala Soprano..is there any other brand to consider??

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I have a cheap ass Mahalo that is decent enough to make some sounds to play at night and for my diving trips while lazing under the moonlight. Plan to get a better one soon :P