Pre Good Friday incident

I went to Putatan to look for replacement remote car alarm. My car alarm is quite different as it is a two way system. Means, if someone broke into the car, and I'm within the signal radius, the remote will vibrate to alert me about the break in.

Last Wednesday, the one of the remote freeze (we use both remote that has been supplied when we bought it). But the down side of having this 'sophisticated' car alarm system is, it has this immobilisers that doesn't allow you to start the engine without disarming the alarm first. So I need to get another replacement before the last one that still working also died.

When I ask the guy at the car accessory shop that we bought the car alarm system last time about getting the replacement or ordering one, it really took me by surprise. He told me, if I really want to order one, it will cost me RM300! ONE FREAKING REMOTE FOR RM300!

You see, the whole brand new system only cost about Rm600 (that is the main board, the temperature sensor, the antenna plus TWO BRAND NEW REMOTE!) and the one freaking remote already cost me half the new unit. I think it is cheaper to get a new quote from car insurance companies than to ask them. Low scum blood drinker tauke...

So, I hope this blog also can contribute some for my new car alarm system next month.

P/s: I really hope that it is not April Fool since I went there asking about ordering the remote on 1st of April. Damn!

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