A new face lift for JoyBLee

After tweaking few things and deleting unnecessary widgets, here we go, new skin lift template for my blog. Look nicer, more merrier, more ads placement and hope for more money come in. More money, more goodness yeah!

Below is the old template. Nice but still plenty of problems that I didn't know how to solve.

All in continuation...

So now, I need to focus back to other blog and try to tweak some template again so that they also can earn more money.

Oh, almost forgot. For those who got problems with bad breath, I found a site that might be interested for you. I know it is humiliating to ask for someone advise, but see, I will never know if you have bad breath because only your laptop knows it. Beside, we only comunicating online, right? www.badbreathtreatments.org is the place to go. Tell me if you find any good solution on that site.

Thank you for reading.

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Nice theme. So when are you gonna be showing off your new blog?

LeeJB said...

The new blog still in progress. Just some crappy blog. Still didn't know what to write on that blog.