Where to get good ukulele in Malaysia

*Extra links below for those who seeking place to buy Ukes in East and West Malaysia.

I found that there are some people were lead to my link when they search "where to get Ukulele in Malaysia". I know there is no information for that because I already tried to search it and disappointed with the result. Anyway this is the answer... None!

As I lived in Sabah, I already tried to find all over Kota Kinabalu music shop/center and tried to ask my friend to find one for me in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, you only can find cheap China Made ukulele. Price wise, very cheap. Quality wise, not good. There is some shop that sell good quality ukulele but again, it is very expensive. Quality, okay, Price wise, too expensive for that particular brand.

Why buy good quality? Buying musical instrument is like investing. When you invest your money to a good quality music instrument, it will be a life long enjoyment. Provided that you care for that instrument. But buying an overprice instrument also can be a burden.

Buying a cheap ukulele also have another downside. Sometimes, the fret board are not accurate, making any beginner frustrated because the sound that the ukulele produce are not accurate and this will hamper any further learning improvement.

Unless you really want and willing to buy, I recommend Ukulele Movement, the first and only music shop specializing in ukuleles, in Singapore. I know it is too far away from Sabah, but the service that they gave are the finest one that I ever get compare to my local music shop.

I bought my first ukulele from them last December 2009 through email. Their reply are good and fast. They even recommend you based on your budget. You can make your payment through Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. I'm not sure if they accept Maybank money transfer but you can always try to ask them.

I bought one for our first born, Sean Taro, Christmas present. That is when he only 1 month old. Now, almost 6 month, he already show interest to ukulele when I strum it and first thing when he woke up, he will reach the ukulele first and try to strum (yes 5 month and can strum with his fingers) the ukulele that we put in his cot along with his diapers and cloths. He even show interest when I play White Sandy Beach, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole.

Be prepared to spend about RM300 for a decent ukulele. And that will include postage around Malaysia. I recommend you Makala Soprano ukulele. It is good for beginner. Apart of it, it can be a good addition for your music instrument collection like me.

So for those who wanted to buy one, try contact them. For those who already have one, have fun.

Update * Now you can get Ukulele in Malaysia!
 Another update * Where you can get UKULELE in SABAH!

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A new face lift for JoyBLee

After tweaking few things and deleting unnecessary widgets, here we go, new skin lift template for my blog. Look nicer, more merrier, more ads placement and hope for more money come in. More money, more goodness yeah!

Below is the old template. Nice but still plenty of problems that I didn't know how to solve.

All in continuation...

So now, I need to focus back to other blog and try to tweak some template again so that they also can earn more money.

Oh, almost forgot. For those who got problems with bad breath, I found a site that might be interested for you. I know it is humiliating to ask for someone advise, but see, I will never know if you have bad breath because only your laptop knows it. Beside, we only comunicating online, right? www.badbreathtreatments.org is the place to go. Tell me if you find any good solution on that site.

Thank you for reading.

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Finding the right template are hard to do....

Spend 6 hours straight just to surf, find, try, decode, encode, delete, add just to find the right template. Well I finally found one that kinda (I don't like the color but I like the function) suitable and maybe generate more income for my Adsense account. I just found out that I only earn pathetic USD5 for nearly 4 years of blogging!

Now it's about 1.15 in the morning, and I need to rest. Tomorrow I shall proceed with the template changing and hopefully, there would be no hassle and trouble.

See, try to find a suitable template also like looking for a suitable acne cleanser for your skin. Wrong buy, end up in the trash bin eh?

Look for tomorrow new face lift!

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My template in a mess

I try to make some changes to this blog template and I found out that the coding was in a mess. With a really minimal knowledge of template coding, I know I can change some of the button links but to my horror, not even one can be found now... So, I decided it is time to change it to more simpler one.

Tonight, if I'm not going fishing, I gonna work this blog template and change it to a better one. I don't care if I can only use two columns instead of three, like this current template, just as long I can edit it later. Just hoping I not to depress to change it and need natural depression treatment for cure.

Nah... It just a blog right? My passive source of income. Haha...

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Bored on Saturday

Suddenly life have been slow mode. Nothing to do. Can't go to the mall because money really tight until the next pay check. Even a birth announcements cannot be done at this money-so-tight year.

Been waiting for a good phone call but end up the person who suppose to get it, already went to the place that we suppose to go together. Hope he can find few vacant place for us while he still there. I still remember our last conversation last month. "Four of us will go. Not me only." But alas, he went there alone.

Not my luck maybe, but I will try to find vacant place for myself. Till then, tonight will be a bored night for me. Except Sean Taro got something to amuse me and wifey.

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In a hot summer day

For the past two week, I've been walking up and down Taman Penampang covering the whole phases that they have, searching for their post box. I'm not planning to vandalize then when I found it. It is because I have to do my new job. Marketing!

It is hot walking down the streets during the afternoon. Working alone can make you insane by talking to yourself nonstop and deciding which next block you should go. I do find, occasionally, myself arguing to my own thought. But thinking about the things that can happen to me, (imagine owning an atv for myself) I just tighten my walk and do it anyway.

Well, tomorrow will be a challenge for me. To find another place to go and place that piece of paper on their mailbox!

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Ahh... First post of the week...

I've become agitated with my current state. No news at all. What has become to the dream? Or should I just go over South China Sea to be one? Staying here is like sitting on a hot chair. With nothing to do but plenty to be done. Even a Cyber Monday didn't amuse me at all.

I'm thinking, should I wait or should I chase the dream myself? Making tough decision when you already have a family could be hard. But looking to the fund, making us stressed too. With this ship sailing without any direction, even the crew can became agitated. Sailing in this ship with three Captain make me wanted to commit mutiny. As if I can make the changes eh?

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Come what may

I won't surrender and I know I can do it. My target will be 10 sets per week. And My earning will be more that what I can imagine.

In the mean while, yellow envelope should still flying to everywhere. Should update my detail and sent over the South China Sea. Who know I might ended there? Family first, friends second, emotion last.

Well, I need to work out my plan tonight. Just hope that I wont be using any hydroleyes for staying up late. ;P

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Not exactly bad day

Even though things get ugly today, but I can say I have a great day today. Rain doesn't hold me back going out from my office and do things that I planned to do.

It's a good day and I can say good rain too. Dance myself to the rain and now I may need shampoo for thinning hair. No no... Ordinary shampoo will do.

Another post then I will be on my way to take my bath for the day. With cold water. Brrr....

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Bad hair day...

I simply doesn't like how things are running at that place. Four years of experience and walking in and out there simply vanish with the presence of that person that I don't want to mention names.

Look, he need something to do to get money and walla, took over my duty without any notice and claim he can do better than me. Now, he keep whining about how much work he has to do but instead, he surf online comic and chatted with friends without even touching his duty. When something happen, he simply put the blame to other. Just to save his ass.

As now, I'm doing sales jobs, so I don't want to bother any shit that he wanted to throw to us. Because sooner or later, time will tell who are right, who are wrong.

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But all come to halt when

your dream may not be as what you think. The dream giver just give up his job. Four fallen angel waiting for good news that will never come, stranded between reality and dreams.

As far as my eyes can see, there are shadows approaching me. Life can make you old before your time. The sadness never been lifted from my eyes. The burden get heavier everyday. And nothing can ease it as a stick of cigarette.

The dream may not be but life must go on. Surely I will need best weight loss pills to prepare for myself before the dream come.

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Wonderful day part 2

Typing away my thoughts that maybe in abstract form and may be indigestible by others. but things might be clearer if you try harder to understand.

Dream that haven't materialized but yet the dreamer still chasing it till the end. Hope that when the dream come true, the dreamer still want it. As the reality doesn't agree with him. Or maybe, he just take things for granted, who knows.

But still, the day are wonderful. Gonna take time to pamper myself for a best acne wash. Yes, acne is my worst enemy. Nothing can stop them. Either they kill me or I kill them. Time will tell.

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What a wonderful day today

As the rain come down rather lightly but enough to bring relieves to the grass and trees. Somebody might swear to the rain but for most of us, we praise the Lord for the blessing.

The weather tone down it's temperature and people are smiling with the cold atmosphere. As I, typing here, stealing working time to do this, hoping that I can finished my instructed work from the internet. What a wonderful time to pull out blackheads on nose. Ops... Anti climax wording there but I need to finish this post up. For the sake of my new car alarm funds next month.

Any way stay tuned for next post.

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Pre Good Friday incident

I went to Putatan to look for replacement remote car alarm. My car alarm is quite different as it is a two way system. Means, if someone broke into the car, and I'm within the signal radius, the remote will vibrate to alert me about the break in.

Last Wednesday, the one of the remote freeze (we use both remote that has been supplied when we bought it). But the down side of having this 'sophisticated' car alarm system is, it has this immobilisers that doesn't allow you to start the engine without disarming the alarm first. So I need to get another replacement before the last one that still working also died.

When I ask the guy at the car accessory shop that we bought the car alarm system last time about getting the replacement or ordering one, it really took me by surprise. He told me, if I really want to order one, it will cost me RM300! ONE FREAKING REMOTE FOR RM300!

You see, the whole brand new system only cost about Rm600 (that is the main board, the temperature sensor, the antenna plus TWO BRAND NEW REMOTE!) and the one freaking remote already cost me half the new unit. I think it is cheaper to get a new quote from car insurance companies than to ask them. Low scum blood drinker tauke...

So, I hope this blog also can contribute some for my new car alarm system next month.

P/s: I really hope that it is not April Fool since I went there asking about ordering the remote on 1st of April. Damn!

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It's only 10.15 PM

I'm tired but still have the craving for ice cream. Maybe after my weekly dose of ice cream then i will retiring to my bed. Because tomorrow will be a long day for me.

I need to do extra work so that I can afford a motorhome for my self. :D

Not only that, I also dreamed I can own a boat (fishing boat would be better) so that we can go to fishing every weekend. So sleep is essential for my dream. Because when you sleep, you can dream better hahaha....

So next post, here we come.

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So, before retiring to bed...

I need to post up one last post for the night. Because I already promise my wife to bring her to breakfast tomorrow morning. And I need to get up early so that I didn't missed the boat at KYC. Missed means, white eyes... (Putih mata lah ahhaha...)

The last post is easy, just think about your desktop computers. Then if you need anything from it, just click the link and you will be transported toa good site to buy your supply. How I wish I can get my fishing supply or gears like this.

Now off the the bed I go. Hope for a big catch tomorrow.

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I should have been sleeping at this hour

But because my last incident of letting the deadline go expire and saw the assignment gone really give me a lesson. So I need to post up two post tonight.

As part one, tomorrow I'll be in a fishing trip hahaha.... At last, a fishing trip for me after 2 years of non action from me. This time we ewill be going to Suluk Island. On a boat.

Yes, on a boat and I didn't know how to swim at all. So I'm going to get a insurance quote just for that just in case :P

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