Login blogspot, get RM18?

(If you find this post offensive, forgive me. This is only my point of view. Freedom of speech, even though being oppressed in certain country, they thrive in this blog. Critics are welcome. Flaming will be ignored.)

I just love this blog. When I thought I finished all the things that I should do for this blog, one or two days after, another two assignment coming up. How I wish I can get another 5-6 blog registered under them.

Now, let me tell you something different than normally I would do. This is about a new trend that already raging on my FaceBook "Home" page. Login your FaceBook account and get Rm100 (approx USD28.60). Simple but I find it unethical. But how do you really can get Rm100? They called it infinity-downline.

I say it is unethical because actually , login FaceBook doesn't get you anything. You still need to find other people to join you. "Login and get money" is just the catch phrase. And that is what I called unethical. But who care if it is morally good or now as long as you can get money out of it, right? Another things is, you try very hard to find another, for example, 10 person to join you but you only get profit from 5 person (out of 10 that you signup). The rest, goes to your upline. That is Rm100 for each downline. One question remains is, what will happen when your downline stop searching people to join your network? How about the very last batch of person who join the network? That will make it two question already.

Well, I will remain neutral on this because it's good to get money from any resource that can double up/generate your money as long as your downline will not blame you when they didn't get anything anymore. But also bear in mind, this is a Ponzi Scheme but with a different twist. The only good thing is, nobody hold the large deposit amount that all the people pay.

Now let me just have a good thought at my thinking room with that brand new American Standard toilet accessory. I gain nothing and lose something along the way :P

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Rafidah Adnan said...

true, i am very skeptical of the RM100 everytime log in...its too good to be true :-p

LeeJB said...

I know few of my friends who earn like Rm6000 per month. But were blame by his/her friends that they cheat their money. Talking about Ponzi haha...

infinity downline said...
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