I need a new template for this blog

I think this is the time that this blog need major update. But finding a new template that sooth the eyes and just click with my taste really time consuming. I will try to do it within this week if the time permit me.

In the meanwhile, I also found out that this blog has just lost it's precious 2/10 Pagerank due to my negligence. Well, can't blame me when burn out happens to me for TWO years! Not 'burn out' to blog, but 'burn out' with my life. Suicide was way out from my mind, fortunately.

Apart of it, this time I'm aware that I didn't do my job here, that is commenting back of what others has comment here. Plus, I was too lazy to visit their blog and comment there. This need to be change from now on. Sorry for my wrong doing, readers :P

That's it, few announcement from me. This is for this blog good sake. Because maybe after these few major changes, I can afford to place my bookings on orlando timeshare. Orlando might be a good idea too instead of Las Vegas.

p/s: This new post editor really kick ass!

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