Vietnam Ukulele

As I promised... The Ukulele picture.

Beautifully crafted. Cheap, about Rm170-Rm180 in Malaysian Ringgit. I believe if this particular ukulele being sold in Malaysia, the price will surely fetched around Rm500-Rm750! Because I saw the only nice looking ukulele but the fret doesn't look good, around Rm280!

I did search for the shop at Vietnam and I found it from Vietnam free directory. And while I was searching for the actual website, I also found this Ebay PicClick for ukulele. There are much more beautiful ukes there!!! OMG! I'm distracted!

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Anonymous said...

very nice ukulele. is this full solid wood? am thinking of getting one but can hardly find a good one in KL.whereabout in vietnam did you get this?


LeeJB said...

It is full solid wood. But I'm not really sure exactly where the shop were. My brother bought it for me. What I recalled, he said that the shop is at District 1.

Why not try that based in Singapore. They got plenty of ukes selection.

celestine said...


interested in Ukuleles and would be heading to Vietnam soon. Would like to check, is the music shop near Ben Tahn Market? I remember seeing a music shop along the way, near the fitness building but I'm not sure if they sell Ukuleles as well..

Hope to hear from you soon!


LeeJB said...

celestine: Sorry for the late reply. I'm not so sure though because my brother are the one who bought it for me. I might as well ask him. It is around Rm150-180. Some of them are not in tune. What I mean is, the ukulele has this 'factory' fault. So better have someone who have this 'music ear' along with you so that when you test them, it is in tune. Or maybe you yourself are a music person. Should be not a problem then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyblee, how is the intonation of the ukulele, does it go out of tune when you are playing up the fretboard? I've seen these on sale in ebay so I was wondering if I should also get one when i visit Ho Chi Minh in the future

LeeJB said...

Hi Anon, the uke from Vietnam are great. While the design is superb, I can't say the intonation are good. While the one that I get from my brother is still considerably okay, but the one that he choose (design factor) are not so good. But both are the only two sets that he can purchase on that time.

Anyway, my recommendation to you is, if you are planning to buy handcrafted ukes from Vietnam or anywhere, get a portable ukulele tuner, price around Rm80 to RM180 here in Malaysia. What I mean a tuner here is the one that can tune guitar, bass guitar but also can accommodate ukulele as well. Chromatic one (one that give you the notes of the sound played) are highly recommended. Then bring it along so that you can check the ukes intonation on the spot. Because usually they won't have any tuner available for you. And sometimes, they will ask you what tuner is.

Buying a handcrafted ukelele from eBay are not recommended as you can't have a feel and hear the tone of the ukulele. But if you can afford it and wanted to buy for collecting purposes, then it's up to you. Ask me any question and I will answer it to you.

And lastly, Happy New Year to you.

Wade said... sells Uluru Ukuleles from Vietnam. These are high quality, handmade instrument and are very consistant in quality and tone.