Pity my blog

What really happen to this blog? Have I really abandon my little source of income? I hope I can motivate myself to do more of this and more productive post rather than saving my -behind- just to stay in their list. Honestly, I rather do more blogs than sitting on my chair at the office because the office environment is not as fun as it use to be.

Someone changed and the system is not flowing smoothly. I really don't have any clue on how to help them but even I voice up my opinion, it seems that the voice has fallen into deaf ears. So, what more can I do when there is talk but no action. Even my last 24 hours is like sitting on a dark room waiting to be stab at the back by my own trusted 'friend'. One after another. Hypocrite... The word lingers on like a stale bread that hidden inside the cupboard.

Let us forget about it for a little while. But to be motivated again to do more blogs, I might need seo software tool. I need to re-focus my own blog.

As for the ukulele picture, I will post it up soon.

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