A series of unfortunate event

On the eve of making another journey to Labuan Island, something that my colleague said to me really upset me. I know the person may end up reading this post but, what he done, I cannot tolerate.

I was waiting for the person to be in the office to pack all the things that we needed for the trip. After serving a customer that need his machine to be serviced and to change all the cartridges (a water purifier) for the whole two hours, I made a phone call that forever shattered my trust to the person that has been build since the person get back in the company.

We both already agree to pack all the things together and I'm willing to help to carry things downstairs and into the back of the car. But somewhere, he just went out with the boss and never return.

I called him and ask why didn't he be in the office so that we can do all the things as we planned. The answer that I got just before his phone battery went dead was, "Mesti kah saya buat semua? Kenapa bah kamu ni. Gaji kamu seribu lebih makan gaji buta saja kah?"(Why must I do all the things? What wrong with you all guys? All of you gets thousand plus salary and just sit there to enjoy the money?) The the phone went silent.

I admit I replied him with an sms which I said "Pukima juga kau ni cakap macam tu!" (What the hell are you talking like that!).

I guess he doesn't appreciate that have I done for him. I don't take anger or being pushed by the boss as an excuse for him talking like that. Even I never talk cock like that to him. Even raising my voice to him. I will not retaliate to what he done to me. I just got the feeling that God, Himself, will do it for me.

With my heavy heart, I packed my cloths into Samsonite luggage, I've lost my mood to have him as my partner in going out to outstation. Not sure how will I treat him tomorrow. And in my mind, I'm thinking about canceling my trip with them next week.

Because I can see he can do it himself better than me. Pardon me if I'm being to frank in this post.

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maslight said...

Waw, I sure won't take that as my fren. Punya LC.

LeeJB said...

Memang LC. The whole labuan trip saya kurang layan dia. He is a shoe -polisher cocksucking scum hahaa....