Same Auld Lang Syne

I really feels it is the same Auld Lang Syne. Nothing different inside me. I just feel the new year started just like an ordinary day for me.

Maybe I needed something different next year. Something more challenging. I remember, last year I planned for something big. Not that I haven't achieved it yet, but I do make progress about it. But the luck still did not choose me. Just hoping that year 2010 will do something good for me.

If anything fails, I will become business plan consultant in the "dog eat dog" world, where only little ever survive. Anyway, please enjoy one of my favorite song by Late. Dan Fogelberg, who left us on 2007.

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Happy Boxing day

I just found out that last time, we Sabahan do have Boxing day as a public holiday, until some politician said that the public holiday was unnecessary. We vote him so that he can have the holiday for himself kan...

Anyway, happy Boxing day (Boxing day are for un-box your Christmas present, not that kind of sport). If you need any ecommerce fulfillment you know where to go.

I only got one Christmas present but I couldn't ask for more. Sean taro is the ultimate gift actually. :P

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010

My year this year are blessed with Sean Taro, but mar with some unfortunate incidents that happen. Even my few days of 2009 also didn't spared from disaster. May next year will be a great year for me.

I didn't expect any present this year. My new year resolution, gone in to the drain. Why, because my resolution are bigger than I could chew. But bigger dream needs greater sacrifice.

Even if I still get custom water bottles for Christmas, I still will be grateful.

I saw somebody posted on FaceBook, "Xmas" not suppose to be type as Christmas. It is humiliating Christ to put as 'X'. I thought this is just a shorten sort of typing Christmas. Instead of typing too long.... Nahh... who am I to judge...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.

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Don't get angry with me just yet...

Just because I haven't sent you any baptism invitations because we haven't decided to do so. Just wait because sooner or later you will get it. Baby Shintaro will have to wait. Just pray for me for any good luck happen to me next year. Maybe in 5-6 month time, we can have grandest ceremony.

I can't say out loud because I need to keep this as a secret. Just wait for the right time then everything will be reveal to you all. Unless you can read my mind then, just keep it to your self.

Because, I left my heart in Labuan Island....

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When you didn't feel any Christmas Spirit

My blog has become a life instead of generating money blog. This is what happen to you when jobs are consuming your life and you didn't realize it. What really happen really puzzling me.

Both me and wife didn't have the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe because of the arrival of baby Sean Taro @ Shintaro. Or maybe because we rarely feels any. Even our own birthday, nobody really cares about it.

But I really have a wish that I badly wanted it to be true. Our own house. With patio so that I can put patio cushions. If Santa Clause are real, please Santa, I still have my two front teeth. Give me a house instead.

(Somewhere..... Over the rainbow.... Skys are blue....)

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14 Dec 2009

It's almost 1 year since the sparks started in my brain. Six month after that, I went to the course. Then, few weeks after that, I've been hunting for it. Till now, I still haven't got any good news. Maybe, this year are not good for me. Except Baby Sean, lot's of things that I really didn't expected to happens, do happen.

Maybe, I should stop hoping. Maybe then the dream that I been pursuing will arrived. Maybe a dream jobs will come next year.

Nevertheless, may good luck bestow on me next year.

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Few months back, I found a good internet radio station. That is I bet you, your mind will be blown away just to listen all of the music that they played.

I have to admit I am fat now. Not too fat but enough to do Lipofuze. But no, I need the money to buy a ukulele right now. been searching around Kota Kinabalu but all are out of stock. They already ordered for another batch but will arrived probably next year.

Hmm.... I guess if I try to find it Down Under, maybe they got a good one. Let's see who will be my victim.

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I want to buy ukulele

I watched it on Youtube and I really want one for my family. I haven't started to search one at Kota Kinabalu but I know it is going to be hard. Estimated less than Rm300 (since the size is small). getting a good quality would cost me more than Rm1000! Cheaper than buying medical equipment in my opinion.

Hope I will get a good price here around KK. I will try to search one tomorrow. See if I can get one.

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Almost Full Moon

I'm thinking putting New Moon as the title for this post but I don't like the movie :p.

Another two days, my wife suffering will be over. She can wash her hair again. And that also will mark my son's 30 days in the world. Or we call it Full Moon. But I won't be here to celebrate because I need to go to Keningau on that day for my company business trip. I have to because we will need the extra money to buy milk. :P Sound really pathetic.

Now it is near Christmas and I can see there is lots of Sale and Best Buy going around the shopping mall. To be honest, I only have RM100 to spare for shopping. I know that is not enough. Might as well do plenty of blog to expand my income eh?

(My first post with out grammar mistake.. haha..or maybe it is there?)

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A series of unfortunate event

On the eve of making another journey to Labuan Island, something that my colleague said to me really upset me. I know the person may end up reading this post but, what he done, I cannot tolerate.

I was waiting for the person to be in the office to pack all the things that we needed for the trip. After serving a customer that need his machine to be serviced and to change all the cartridges (a water purifier) for the whole two hours, I made a phone call that forever shattered my trust to the person that has been build since the person get back in the company.

We both already agree to pack all the things together and I'm willing to help to carry things downstairs and into the back of the car. But somewhere, he just went out with the boss and never return.

I called him and ask why didn't he be in the office so that we can do all the things as we planned. The answer that I got just before his phone battery went dead was, "Mesti kah saya buat semua? Kenapa bah kamu ni. Gaji kamu seribu lebih makan gaji buta saja kah?"(Why must I do all the things? What wrong with you all guys? All of you gets thousand plus salary and just sit there to enjoy the money?) The the phone went silent.

I admit I replied him with an sms which I said "Pukima juga kau ni cakap macam tu!" (What the hell are you talking like that!).

I guess he doesn't appreciate that have I done for him. I don't take anger or being pushed by the boss as an excuse for him talking like that. Even I never talk cock like that to him. Even raising my voice to him. I will not retaliate to what he done to me. I just got the feeling that God, Himself, will do it for me.

With my heavy heart, I packed my cloths into Samsonite luggage, I've lost my mood to have him as my partner in going out to outstation. Not sure how will I treat him tomorrow. And in my mind, I'm thinking about canceling my trip with them next week.

Because I can see he can do it himself better than me. Pardon me if I'm being to frank in this post.

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