When you make a critical mistake

My biggest mistake was, updating my Nokia E71 software. I know I should have been joyous for my latest addition to my family, Sean Taro, but I'm too depressed to celebrate it now since I just lost most precious data on my Nokia. Video clip on his arrival to the world and what more making me depressed, my wife cried because she really wanted that clip to be saved and shown to friends that really close to her and to be shown to Sean Taro what does it take to deliver him.

I have to admit I cried too, but the damage has been done and nothing I can do. I shouldn't formatted the file just because the phone keep asking me to enter password that in the first place never been set. I should have been trying to search for a solution for it but...

This is the most regretfully action done from me. I shouldn't be too excited to update the phone in the first place. I shouldn't done the backups at office. I shouldn't install the Nokia PC Suite.

Too depressed until I really wish that I can turn back the clock back to 19 November morning and remind myself not to install the PC Suite. Even if somebody said, "I can retrieved it for you in place paying me to Myrtle beach golf, I'm willing to do it now.

I tried to take a positive side of it but remembering much of my other data, picture, video clip, music, and recording was in there, really making me sadder.

I post this up hoping that our heart can move on and reminiscing the day that we enter the labor room, the first cry of Sean Taro and how calm was my wife delivering our baby.

Now I'm bluer than blue...

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maslight said...

Try this freeware called recuva. It recovers most of my files. Thanks to flan XD

LeeJB said...

Tried that one too, Massy. This Nokia format system are really tough. Erasing the whole card and leaving no trace.