Feeling lost...

Yeah, I just can't forget the mistake that I made 6 days ago. And to add salt to the injury, our office has been ransacked, we only realized it on Monday morning. The laptop that I've been used for 2 years gone along with the projector that we use since we still operating in Karamunsing Complex.

The thief also didn't spare our cash box that contains cash around Rm500. Even my Limited Edition Coke also being stolen by them. "Sudah jatuh di timpa tangga".

I pretty sure that my brain doesn't function well now since both incident really knock me down. My entire work gone. My entire recorded memory for my child when he was born, lost. I guess, my insurance agent will review my life insurance policy only if he knows my state of mind at this moment.

I felt numb, emotionless and deeply in sorrow.

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