Feeling lost...

Yeah, I just can't forget the mistake that I made 6 days ago. And to add salt to the injury, our office has been ransacked, we only realized it on Monday morning. The laptop that I've been used for 2 years gone along with the projector that we use since we still operating in Karamunsing Complex.

The thief also didn't spare our cash box that contains cash around Rm500. Even my Limited Edition Coke also being stolen by them. "Sudah jatuh di timpa tangga".

I pretty sure that my brain doesn't function well now since both incident really knock me down. My entire work gone. My entire recorded memory for my child when he was born, lost. I guess, my insurance agent will review my life insurance policy only if he knows my state of mind at this moment.

I felt numb, emotionless and deeply in sorrow.

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When you make a critical mistake

My biggest mistake was, updating my Nokia E71 software. I know I should have been joyous for my latest addition to my family, Sean Taro, but I'm too depressed to celebrate it now since I just lost most precious data on my Nokia. Video clip on his arrival to the world and what more making me depressed, my wife cried because she really wanted that clip to be saved and shown to friends that really close to her and to be shown to Sean Taro what does it take to deliver him.

I have to admit I cried too, but the damage has been done and nothing I can do. I shouldn't formatted the file just because the phone keep asking me to enter password that in the first place never been set. I should have been trying to search for a solution for it but...

This is the most regretfully action done from me. I shouldn't be too excited to update the phone in the first place. I shouldn't done the backups at office. I shouldn't install the Nokia PC Suite.

Too depressed until I really wish that I can turn back the clock back to 19 November morning and remind myself not to install the PC Suite. Even if somebody said, "I can retrieved it for you in place paying me to Myrtle beach golf, I'm willing to do it now.

I tried to take a positive side of it but remembering much of my other data, picture, video clip, music, and recording was in there, really making me sadder.

I post this up hoping that our heart can move on and reminiscing the day that we enter the labor room, the first cry of Sean Taro and how calm was my wife delivering our baby.

Now I'm bluer than blue...

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My blog only have ONE follower!

I know my blog sucks. So do you. Haha...

Well, this post will be the last leg for the blogging week. Now I'm craving for pizza. And nasi goreng. Hmm... Where shall I go today. Pizza Hut or Little Italy. I know I should save some money but the things that happen yesterday really make me depress. Depress until I need to get acne treatment. My acne showing their ugly head just because I depress.

Anyway, see how things will be this month. It's November ALREADY!!!!

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Motherboard on leave!

Two days ago, my Gigabyte motherboard decided to play prank on me and died. The night before, it's still running fine until the next evening I tried to check my FaceBook account, the screen doesn't budge. Restart doesn't really help. So does disassemble ad reassemble. Lucky me I still keep the original receipt and the motherboard are still covered with 3 years warranty.

If not, there goes my moolah again. Even though replaceing motherboard are now expensive as buying certified diamonds, with my current situation, it is not wise to buy anything now.

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My appologies.

My apologies for not attending the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering this year. Not that I didn't have any budget to be there in costumes, I even can buy tuxedos to go there, but I rather keep the real reason why I didn't go there.

I know it is a blast for you all. I did envy you. Looking at the picture at my FaceBook newsfeeds making my heart ached for not planned to go with you all. But something arise yesterday, even my plan to go to PC Fair also being erased immediately.

Nevermind, there would be next time. Congratulation for those who win the prize there.

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