What make me smile after 2 1/2 years of blogging

You have to believe me. At first, blogging to get money are such a heavy burden to me. But now, I have to tell you, I didn't regret starting one in March on the year 2007. 21 days just before my birthday. Here is my First Post.

I've started without any income from it but then, after trying so much company that can pay me to blog, finally I found one via my new found friend, Kay Kastum. He is the person that really jump start my "Blogging Career".

Have to admit that if you blogging to earn money, you will find it hard to do. Try blogging something that you love, for example, your life. Anything you do day by day can be a fantastic article if you do it with your heart. Performing at a show, going fishing or something that you in a day.

Today, I proudly said that I finally can extend my own domain for another 2 year (for second time) after my first purchase of joyblee.com and first extend a year ago. Now I can say, www.joyblee.com will keep on running until 2012!

Now, I can say I can buy a Kettlebell through eBay. i will tell you why on the nxt post. Tara for now.

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