It break my heart....

Seeing few articles that their are downsizing and will not recruit people in short time. Some of them are offered VSS or retrenched from their performance test. I think the battle that I'm having now will not be easy and will continue for few month.

As now, I have to perseverance in what am I doing. One fishing rod cast out to the sea doesn't guarantee you a fish. Try 25 fishing rod. I already cast out one today, hoping the letter will be a jump start even though I know I didn't qualify for the fish that I'm hoping for.

Saw another one by my fellow friend via website. Now preparing the fishing rod for the fish. This one should be half qualify because half of my bait are not easy to get, but another half, never have one. If the bait are good, I will celebrate it with LCD tvs on my first cheque.

Hope luck will bestow upon me this year.

p/s: Sorry for posting this in a bizarre words :P Hope you understand.

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