Ebay shopping spree..

I wanted to upload my shopping spree here but unfortunately I left my E71 data cable at my house.

But mind you, I shop at eBay without actually using my blood-and-sweat hard earn money that I get from my monthly salary of my day job. I earn them from this blog. Let me tell you a secret, currently this blog generating USD30-60 permonth. That translate to RM105-RM210. Only if I can have 5 running blog just like this, then you do the math.

As for me running 5 blog still a problem for me. As you can see, my posting are intermittent. I try not to stress to much just for posting something new. Sometimes, I even forgot to post up an article that suppose to be useful for you. I did start few blog but I still didn't choose the main topics for them. So, they are in my KIV blog.

But then, as I'm posting this post, I still getting something from it. Heck I even can buy best diet pills so that I can slim just a little bit from this post.

As for the picture, I'll try to compile them before uploading them here.

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