All I want for Xmas this year....

Please let me strike the big moolah at our local Lotto. And please give me chance to get the final phone call that I've been waiting for nearly 3 month.

Please give or gift or bagi or kasi present ipods for me. New one or old one, everyone will be welcomed.

I want a new sets of pc, HTC handphones, or small laptops. And no, don't give me shirts, neck ties, photo frame or belt or anything that I can buy myself. But you can give me money instead of the items I've mention above. So that I can give my little boy a Xmas gift later. Fishing rods, new reels, or better still, Models kits. Specifically, any Zero fighter in 1/48 size.

But most of all, I want a house or apartment, so that I can called my own.

Crazy wish huh?

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