Welcoming E71

(I know someone will rob me if he know I bought this gadget. :P)

After using Nokia 6233 for 2 years and 3 month and satisfied with the double speaker the phone has, I move on with Nokia E71.

Photo taken from www.natchers.com

I can say the features it has is superb and I can say I really fully utilized all of it. The sound might not so good but I still have my 6233 to satisfied my hunger for music.

Bought it for Rm1140 (after discount from RM1170) and installed Garmin (GPS system) for Rm90. Upgrade my micro sd card from 2 GB (FOC with the set) to 4GB. Even thought the phone can support 16 GB but I will just use 4 GB to prevent lagging and freezes to the Symbian program.

I bought it without the Zitron warranty because if I do, the set will cost me RM1300++!

So far, I can say that this E71 really good.

This is my 6233 looks like. Photo taken from www.t-mobile.de

As for my 6233, it will stay with me as my music provider while I'm on the move and my DiGi cell phone.

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maslight said...

Wuah E71. It's not as bulky as Blackberry but hmm have that kinda feature XD

Blog Tactic said...

E71 looks very sleek and hip