No title at all because I have to put this one up hastily.

I don't want to be drooped from the pay roll and I need to get this one up now. Never in my life that I've been this confused and tired but above all I need to tell you that you must by motorhome insurance at all cost.

Why, I also don't know but I guess they ask us too.

Now I got a question for you, IF someone ask you to do something that you can't do it with all your heart, will you do it?

It's me to know and it is you to find out.

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This thing never ends

Hope the person will never sees this.

This thing will never ends. Even in FaceBook. Fuck this guy up. Not sure if he reply in the means of what I post up there. Well, actually it was not about him. But my seldom use Sixth Sense senses it.

I usually don't care what he want to do but if what he really post up there really replying to what I posted, just grow up dude. Get a life.

Better still, should buy life insurance at Wholesale Insurance. Why? I don't care much what you say there.

But if I found out that you PM me or give a shit on my FaceBook, watch out. Annoying betul lah.

There's room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the fool on the hill - John Lennon

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I've started another project.

Small enough not to burn a deep hole to my pocket. I'm not going to post it here so you need to go to the blog site and read it there. Oh, I forgot I already mention it huh? Yes, I already started a blog about it. My Chili Project.

Not to late to start but kinda regret didn't start it earlier. Only if something good started to light up the idea bulb, I might be rich now. (Keep on dreaming, Joy!)

But I have to keep up the good spirit even the economy are not so good now. Not so good that I have to sacrifice my best diet supplement for the time being.

Just hope that this turbulence time will pass us quickly.

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No pain No gain...

It is painful and I surely gain something from it.

Painful in a sense of lifting weigh during the gym session. I know it is lame but I'm proud of it. My flabby stomach starting to get small again. And the good news is I don't have to use another best weight loss supplements.

For the moment my mind are free from thinking about my own self again. Life back to normal mode except my financial going to "Tight" mode. I can't remember the last time my wife and I went to fancy restaurant. Only recently we went to cinema watching Ice Age 3 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Now I'm thinking of some small business like planting chili at my backyard and try to sell it at the wet market. Fertigation anyone?

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What a wonderful day...

except that I just realize I just lost my ID card and my driving licence.

How did I lost it? Not quite sure but I only can remember looking at the card when I photostat them to apply a Credit Card that until now the person who suppose to take my registration form still didn't show up!

So I suppose that I am an illegal person now. Living in the Bolehland without a Bolehcard. Quite scary and quite disturbing. Now, I need to figure out how am I going to re-apply MYCard without being fine RM300.

Now about my E71, I still love it! i was wondering if the phone can support satellite radios. But that is not the case. I just love the GPS system it has!

I think I going to try driving to Miri next time. Or maybe, driving around Kuala Lumpur. Hehehe........

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Welcoming E71

(I know someone will rob me if he know I bought this gadget. :P)

After using Nokia 6233 for 2 years and 3 month and satisfied with the double speaker the phone has, I move on with Nokia E71.

Photo taken from www.natchers.com

I can say the features it has is superb and I can say I really fully utilized all of it. The sound might not so good but I still have my 6233 to satisfied my hunger for music.

Bought it for Rm1140 (after discount from RM1170) and installed Garmin (GPS system) for Rm90. Upgrade my micro sd card from 2 GB (FOC with the set) to 4GB. Even thought the phone can support 16 GB but I will just use 4 GB to prevent lagging and freezes to the Symbian program.

I bought it without the Zitron warranty because if I do, the set will cost me RM1300++!

So far, I can say that this E71 really good.

This is my 6233 looks like. Photo taken from www.t-mobile.de

As for my 6233, it will stay with me as my music provider while I'm on the move and my DiGi cell phone.

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Damn to hiatus!

Hiatus makes me fat!

That is what happen when I didn't go to my regular gym session. After starting back this week for two days, all my body started to ache back. I guess it suppose to be. No pain, no gain right? Better apply for Rochester personal injury lawyer just in case my personal trainer at the gym torture me in getting back in shape.

My blog also seems to be in hiatus. No more regular update and no more interesting post from me. Even to update it also a excruciating process for me. With a stupid dumb internet connection that I've got in my house, even to load up my blog financier website is unbearable for me. This country should give more license to other company so that they can compete in providing internet services. No compete, no improvement.


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